The Carlson School Magazine Spring 2018

From the Dean

The Career Center's Mission

Sri Zaheer

College career centers have evolved with the times. Once almost isolated on the sidelines, they are now fully integrated into the student experience.

At the Carlson School, our centers—both undergraduate and graduate—start with getting to know our students early. We survey them in the summer before they start and encourage them to come into the office prior to the start of their program. Once we have a solid understanding of what individual students are looking for, we can start to think about the best ways to match those interests.

That matching takes on many forms: coaching, career skills courses, workshops, mentorships, national and local job treks, and employer information sessions just to name a few—with new programs and services added constantly. We are always listening to students, employers, and peer schools for new ideas to be more effective in our delivery.

And our effectiveness can be measured. Student and employer satisfaction percentages hover in the high 90s as do our job placement rates. But we can’t rest on our laurels. Students are becoming more informed about the types of environments they seek in a workplace. Many are looking for mission-centered careers. Employers are seeking those with cutting-edge skills. We have to be able to meet all of these needs and then some.

In this issue, we will learn about how our career centers are doing just that. We will see what offerings of today are having the most impact and get a glimpse of what is coming over the horizon. We will hear directly from students and alumni of what the centers have meant to them both professionally and personally. And several recruiters will share their thoughts of what today’s employers require in their new hires.

Helping our students get started on their career path is not the end of our career centers’ obligations. Did you know the centers provide our alumni with lifetime support? Whether they are looking to find more meaning in their work, considering a transition to a new opportunity, or just wanting general advice, our alumni have an expert at their disposal.

By the same token, our centers welcome the expertise of our alumni. Consider being a mentor, a coach, or a speaker. Attend a networking event, host a company site visit, or just be an advocate for Carlson School students within your organization. This kind of engagement is key to our continued success.

I hope you enjoy this issue and I look forward to your comments.

Sri Zaheer, Dean

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Elmer L. Andersen Chair in

Global Corporate Social Responsibility

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