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We collaborate across the University of Minnesota to offer signature experiences for the most dedicated students to pair business acumen with other specialized skillsets. These intensive but rewarding programs, require students apply and be admitted to both degree programs separately.

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Dual Degrees

Learn more about the various Dual Degree Programs offered by the University of Minnesota.

The Carlson School's MBA - Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) Dual Degree Program shapes in-demand business leaders who leverage big data to identify business opportunities. 

Graduates with a combination of managerial expertise and analytics skills are in high demand from employers across a variety of industries.

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The Carlson School's Human Resources and Industrial Relations & MBA (HRIR-MBA) Dual Degree Program combines the strengths of two top-ranked professional programs from the Carlson School and prepares graduates to become effective leaders in both business and human resources. 

The HRIR-MBA Dual Degree will add only one additional year of study to the standalone HRIR or MBA degree and culminates in the completion of two graduate degree programs. 

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The Carlson School's Applied Economics & MBA (APEC-MBA) Dual Degree Program prepares leaders who, armed with a thorough understanding of both applied economics and business, are ready to innovate, create, and inspire. 

Students enrolled in the dual APEC/MBA program have the benefit of bolstering one degree with the other.

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The Carlson School's Juris Doctor & MBA (JD-MBA) combine their legal and business knowledge in fields as diverse as corporate law, entrepreneurship, consulting, and corporate real estate. Their specialized expertise makes them a key player in organizations big and small. It's a challenge, to be sure, but you'll be surprised at the paths that are open to you when you've earned a JD/MBA.

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The Carlson School's Medical Doctor & MBA (MD-MBA) Dual Degree Program was developed for students who have already been enrolled in the University of Minnesota MD Program. This program serves students who wish to earn an MBA degree as well as their MD.

MD-MBA graduates go on to working in healthcare entrepreneurship and new device development, pharmaceuticals, and direct care in professional settings. 

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The Carlson School's Master of Healthcare Administration & MBA (MHA-MBA) Dual Degree Program was developed for candidates interested in combining their MBA studies with the University of Minnesota's Master of Healthcare Administration Program.

Graduates go on to use their specialized toolkits as leaders within healthcare organizations, but also in government positions, the pharmaceutical industry, and finance. 

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The Carlson School's Master of Public Policy & MBA (MPP-MBA) Dual Degree Program allows students to simultaneously pursue the Master of Public Policy and the Master of Business Administration degrees. The dual degree program is designed for students interested in careers that require expertise in policymaking and management, and graduates will find career opportunities in public service, nonprofit, and the private sector.

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The Carlson School's Doctor of Pharmacy & MBA (PharmD-MBA) Dual Degree Program was developed for students who have already been enrolled in the University of Minnesota PharmD Program (Twin Cities or Duluth campus). This program serves students who wish to earn an MBA degree as well as their PharmD. 

PharmD-MBA students will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique experiences offered through the Carlson School's Medical Industry Leadership Institute, which brings together graduate students from across the University of Minnesota to work on healthcare industry problems from the organizational to the political realms.

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The Dual MS in Finance (MSF) - MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) Degree Program combines the strengths of two top-ranked graduate programs from the Carlson School and prepares graduates with in-demand skills in finance and analytics. 

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The Graduate Business Career Center (GBCC) at the Carlson School connects outstanding future business leaders with a diversity of organizations across industries, sectors, and locations. The GBCC offers extensive services and resources to help you with all aspects of your career development, from career coaching and mock interviews to internship placement and negotiation strategies.


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With 55,000+ alumni in 95 countries, joining the Full-Time MBA program means instantly expanding your network. You'll also get access to one-on-one support from MBA faculty ranked no. 3 for intellectual contributions in business among U.S public universities.

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