National Industry Council

The Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) National Industry Council (NIC) is comprised of senior level executives from prominent medical industry firms as well as banking and consulting firms with strong connections to the medical industry who partner with MILI strengthen the relationship between our program and the industry at large. Through years of experience, MILI realizes that it isn’t often that peers from different sectors of the medical industry can gather and discuss trends, issues, and opportunities their companies face. MILI wants to facilitate those discussions in a neutral educational environment. As MILI approaches its third decade of operation, we have discovered the importance of creating a space and group that encourages this interaction though the NIC.

Key Objectives

The NIC helps establish Carlson as one of the most prestigious business schools that is well known for MILI, the strength in the medical industry, and resulting placement power for its graduates in the medical industry. NIC members will:

  • Provide advice on MILI’s education agenda to ensure that the MILI’s curriculum and experiential learning opportunities prepare graduate students with the necessary leadership skills to meet the needs of the industry.
  • Facilitate a dialogue with industry firms to enhance graduate placement opportunities.  
  • Offer guidance on the development of relevant programs for the MILI community members to help advance careers.
  • Positively impact the leadership development and placement potential for the next generation of industry leaders.
  • Support initiatives that foster advancement and collaborations across the industry.
  • Explore the intersections of healthcare policy and business with industry peers.
  • Cement business connections and partnerships across sectors.
  • Access a gateway to talent through facilitated engagement with students and alumni at various educational and networking events.

National Industry Council Members



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