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What Is Carlson Brand Enterprise?

The Carlson Brand Enterprise (CBE) is a one-of-a-kind consultancy where leading MBA students work with senior management at top companies to solve marketing and business challenges. Unlike most project-based student consultancies, the Carlson Brand Enterprise operates as a professional services firm, serving multiple clients and providing high-level, strategic services.

Student consultants apply their theoretical knowledge through the insights of a team of academics and practitioners with significant experience in the marketing industry. The Brand Enterprise offers students access to the latest theories and practices from marketing and the chance to enhance their career with real-world knowledge and experience.


The Brand Enterprise Experience

The Brand Enterprise objectively assists companies with strategic and analytic components of marketing challenges.

Our philosophy is simple. We know that powerful marketing strategies influence customer preference, strengthen the bottom line, and boost market valuation. We pride ourselves on strategic input, project management, and efficiency.

Carlson Brand Enterprise consultants design an integrated and aligned strategy supported by innovative marketing tactics. Our methods and tools deliver high value and measurable return on investment for our clients. Brand Enterprise students can expect to:

  • Work on a 14-week project with 4-6 classmates
  • Develop recommendations on a real-life business challenge using cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Gain access to professional advisors with a wealth of 
experience in multiple industries
  • Receive support from experts, researchers and professors on 
the Carlson School staff



Tiana Birawer

Tiana Birawer

Carlson Brand Enterprise alum Tiana Birawer, '19 MBA, was selected as one of the 2019 Best and Brightest MBAs by Poets and Quants

When asked, "Who was your favorite MBA professor?" she responded, "David Hopkins – Dave leads the brand management experiential learning courses. Dave is a great teacher, helping students gain the needed skills to go back into the workplace. I appreciate that Dave didn’t hold my hand in learning, but instead steered me to projects and teams based on my post-MBA goals. I know that I can directly tie my success at my internship this past summer to the tools and experience that I received in Dave’s class."

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A Career Investment

The Carlson School Enterprises offer an opportunity to build your resume and to develop a unique, differentiating career portfolio. Brand Enterprise graduates get an MBA while gaining the experience of working in a professional services firm environment. And many student consultants use the Brand Enterprise to make the career transition into the marketing field from another discipline.

The Enterprise also offers networking opportunities throughout the program. In addition to the advantages of working with senior corporate management on marketing and business challenges, the Brand Enterprise’s Executive Advisory Board of top executives serve as mentors and advocates for student consultants. In most cases, student consultants are connected with internships and jobs directly through the resources of the Brand Enterprise.


Selection Process

Brand Enterprise participation is open to students enrolled in the Full-Time Carlson MBA Programs. Students’ major areas of study and professional experience vary. Interested students apply in the first semester of the MBA Program, and are assigned to one of four Carlson Enterprise Programs based on their skills and preferences, pending availability. It is advised to visit the Carlson Brand Enterprise open house during A-Term of the first semester and meet with current students and/or the Enterprise Director in order to gain a full understanding of the CBE and make sure it is the best fit for you.