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Double your alumni network with membership to both the WU Executive Academy and the Carlson School - two vast alumni networks with over 60,000 combined members worldwide. These networks provide a foundation for establishing durable professional and personal relationships while pursuing your career goals. Both the Carlson School and WU Executive Academy have close ties with major global employers. Students and alumni work in a vast array of companies around the world.

Harald Trautsch | MBA @ WU Executive Academy

Why do an MBA at WU Executive Academy? Entrepreneur Harald Trautsch gives some insights into his experience.

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Headshot of Elena Litvinova, MBA

Elena Litvinova, MBA

Alumna | CEO | NovaMedica | Russia

 "The WU Global Executive MBA offers a high-class business education flavored by international cross-cultural experience and invaluable learning environment created by WU faculty worldwide within a super concise and effective program timeline. A great opportunity for motivated executives to grow to the next level."

Headshot of Albana Shkurta

Albana Shkurta

Managing Director | Lufthansa Industry Solutions

"Before starting the Global Executive MBA program I had a broad portfolio of management experience in different kind of industries, e.g. FMCG and public administration. The Global EMBA contributed to reflect on all these experiences and broaden my horizon not only in terms of management topics, but also in terms of industry experiences from my colleagues and faculty. That eventually led me to taking an executive position in the IT consulting industry. Thanks to the multi-faceted experiences I made through the Global EMBA and especially the international residencies, I became well prepared and more confident for the role I am having now."

Headshot of Peter Pirkner, MBA

Peter Pirkner, MBA

Senior Vice President Global Human Resources | OMV

"This unique program really lives up with its name. By graduating the Global Executive MBA I could definitely gain high returns from the variety of different global program modules. From first-class lectures to international residencies and projects it provides everything an exceptional MBA program requires. Within my further career I could absolutely benefit from my acquired skills and knowledge in general management in daily business cases."

Alexandra Gruber | MBA @ WU Executive Academy

Why do an MBA at WU Executive Academy? Alexander Gruber gives some insights into her experience.

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