About Labor Education Service

At Labor Education Service, we recognize and celebrate the unique qualities and talents of every individual and their communities. We are committed to dismantling oppressive systems and promoting awareness of working-class issues. Join us in our pursuit of a sustainable, just, and accountable movement for all.


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Our Mission

We are dedicated to building the power of workers and other historically marginalized, exploited, and oppressed people across Minnesota, using media and training rooted in popular education to create more just workplaces and communities.

Illustration of LES' vision, including model workplace, movement impact, and solidarity. Images are both indoors and outdoors.
Our Vision

We envision a movement that centers the voices of historically marginalized people, where all working people have space to share their stories, practice new skills, and imagine a better world.

Our Values
  • We honor the whole person by inviting them to bring their identities, abilities, and complexity forward. We respect the many forms of paid and unpaid labor in which they engage.
  • We are active in the communities that we work in and shape them in our own unique and independent ways.
  • We believe that to build power, we must challenge systems of oppression both outside and inside our organizations and movements.
  • We believe that our movement is stronger when we learn across generations and languages, and from the stories and histories of people's movements.
  • Movement building requires the development of working-class consciousness. We believe that seeking knowledge involves a constant balance of action and reflection.
  • We want to build a just, sustainable, and accountable movement, remembering that the earth is our home and our workplace.


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