PhD Tuition & Aid

Funding Package

All admitted students are guaranteed five years of funding of approximately $52,000 annually as long as they make good progress in the program:

  • Minimum 9-month stipend of $27,000 (starting Fall 2023) in the form of teaching and research assistantships and/or fellowships
  • Summer research fellowships of $5,000 available annually in years 1–4 to those making good academic progress
  • Health insurance fully covered by program (estimated cost $4,500 annually)
  • Health insurance for spouse and dependents at a reduced rate (paid by student)
  • Full tuition waiver for five years (estimated cost $16,000 annually)
  • All student fees paid by program (estimated cost $2,800 annually)
  • Annual research and teaching supplement of $1,200 (years 1–2) and $1,500 (years 3–5)
  • Additional opportunities for funding available on a competitive basis

Assistantships & Fellowships


Funding consists of 50%-time teaching and/or research assistantships that involve approximately 20 hours of work per week. These assistantships qualify students for tuition waivers and health insurance benefits.


A variety of fellowship opportunities are available to students as they progress through the program.  These fellowships include Summer Research Fellowships, Travel Fellowships, Dissertation Fellowships, as well as graduate school fellowships.