Faculty & Research

Supply Chain Department

Carlson School's Supply Chain Department on Decision-Making that Improves Organizational Performance

Recently published Carlson School research on behavioral operations looks closer at how recalls were done in the medical industry and whether the…

Evan Rawley

Associate Professor Evan Rawley on the Cost of Streamlining a Business

When a multi-business company underperforms, conventional wisdom says they should streamline operations by reducing the number of businesses they…

Alok Gupta

Professor Alok Gupta Helps Define How Much Data Companies Should Review

Is more information always better? Research by Professor Alok Gupta shows that too much information is a disadvantage.

Honors and Awards

Linli Xu Honored as Young Scholar by the Marketing Science Institute

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Brad Greenwood Receives Emerging Scholar Award

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Alan Benson Receives 2 Early Career Awards

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6 Carlson Faculty Named 2018 Lawrence Fellows

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Faculty News Highlights

Assistant Professor Linli Xu Examines Effectiveness of TV Advertisements

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Ximin (Natalie) Huang Seeks Out Electronics Recycling Solutions

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Aaron Sojourner Helps Minneapolis Public Schools Invest in Their Students

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Carlson School Research Explains How Commuting Can Be Bad for Business

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