Faculty & Research

Betty Zhou

Le (Betty) Zhou: How coworkers influence your behavior

Carlson School Assistant Professor Betty Zhou finds that moral identity symbolizers tend to make their coworkers act in ways that could be perceived…

Soumya Sen Discovery Image

Soumya Sen: Why dynamic data management matters

With technology—and what’s expected of it—changing rapidly, businesses are working to determine how best to use these tools going forward.

Daniel Forbes

Daniel Forbes: How media attention shapes investment

New research by Carlson School Associate Professor Daniel Forbes suggests that media attention provides legitimacy to private equity firms looking…

Honors and Awards

Linli Xu Honored as Young Scholar by the Marketing Science Institute

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Brad Greenwood Receives Emerging Scholar Award

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Alan Benson Receives 2 Early Career Awards

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6 Carlson Faculty Named 2018 Lawrence Fellows

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Faculty News Highlights

Global Pandemic Creates New Opportunities, Challenges for International Entrepreneurs

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State and Local Governments Face Dire Economic Times During Pandemic

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U.S. Adults Say COVID-19 Negatively Affected Their Well-Being

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An Ethical—and Effective—Approach to Pricing

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