Undergraduate Impact Core

Please note: First-year students who enroll at Carlson beginning in Fall 2022 and transfer students who enroll beginning in Fall 2023 will be required to take Impact Core courses.

*Some exceptions may apply during the transition period from Immersion Core in Fall 2023.

The Impact Core is a set of eight courses, taken in two consecutive semesters of four courses each in a block schedule with the same group of students for the entire semester. This experience is taken during your second year and provides an opportunity for immersion into foundation business courses early. You will begin to learn how business works cross-functionally as your professors work together to design lessons that highlight the important relationships among accounting, finance, human resources, information systems, marketing, operations, strategy, and diversity, equity & inclusion in business. You’ll also learn how to work in teams and develop your leadership skills through interactions with your classmates.

There are eight courses broken up into a Maroon block and a Gold block. Students can take either block first and will be able to start the sequence in the Fall or Spring:

Maroon Block (12cr) Gold Block (12cr)
Principles of Marketing Finance Fundamentals
Information Systems & Digital Transformation Strategic Management
Managerial Accounting Sustainable Supply Chain & Operations
Race, Power & Justice in Business Human Capital Management

Toward the end of the the Impact Core year, students are expected to complete the Impact Lab Project, which is intended to be an experiential capstone project for the Impact Core year. This project course centers on working with an organization to solve a real business challenge.


Students must complete business economics, financial reporting, business statistics in R, and modeling business scenarios in Excel prior to enrolling in Impact Core. The majority of students start the I-Core during the fall semester of their sophomore year. Transfer students will start the I-Core during their first or second semester in the school depending on whether they have completed the 4 prerequisite courses.

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