Support Student Entrepreneurs

Carlson Ventures Enterprise (CVE) students are often planning on starting their own business after they complete their MBA. Our business model only allows us to support these student entrepreneurs when we have surplus capacity, but we'd like to offer more consistent and complete assistance. For that reason, we are appealing to our alumni and friends to help support one team per year for a student entrepreneur. The entrepreneur will be a member of CVE and will submit a short proposal on how they would utilize a team to help the launch of his or her business.

It's an excellent opportunity to show your support for the Ventures Enterprise and to build the entrepreneurial community at Carlson. Not only does a student entrepreneur get a boost, but the team members get the opportunity to work on the ground floor of a new business.


Ways to contribute

Work with us

Submit a short proposal on how you’d utilize a team of student entrepreneurs to help you launch your business. 

Contact Toby Nord, CVE's professional director, for more details:

Phone: 612-308-7033