Lend your talents to shape the future of the Carlson School. By joining a board, you get access to special events, advise the executive team on crucial issues, act as an ambassador to prospective students, mentor emerging students, and much more.

Carlson School Gold Board

Board of Advisors

This board works closely with the Carlson School’s leadership to ensure a highly engaged relationship with local and national businesses and provides valued assistance in seeking both monetary and non-monetary support from individuals and the corporate community. 

Carlson School Alumni Board

Alumni Board members generously offer their time, talent, and treasure to strengthen the connection between the Carlson School and its alumni. The board acts as the voice of the broader alumni community and drives initiatives that foster strong alumni engagement and philanthropy.

GOLD Board (Undergraduate Alumni)

GOLD (Gophers of the Last Decade) provides opportunities for Carlson School undergraduate alumni from the last ten years to stay connected to the School, each other, and current students. The GOLD Board is a group of alumni volunteers who partner with the Alumni Relations Office on an annual calendar of events, facilitating volunteer activities, and act as a voice for recent undergraduate alumni on objectives that support the School's mission and goals.

Want to serve on a Carlson School Board?

The goal of the Alumni Board is to advance the mission of the Carlson School’s Alumni Relations department by providing strategic direction and input to grow an active, engaged, and philanthropic alumni community as well as to utilize their individual networks to connect alumni, students, and friends to the school.  

Carlson School Alumni Board members advance this goal through active participation in their alumni networks and community. The Board works closely with alumni relations to provide tactical strategies for solving current issues and is a participatory member in that execution. Also, because of the Board’s stature within the Carlson School,  board members are privy to the latest strategy and statistics from the Dean as well as hearing the latest research directly from Carlson’s top professors.  

Contact Carlson School Alumni Relations at carlsonalumni@umn.edu for questions or more information.

Key Responsibilities: 

Alumni Board members will support the mission by: 

  • Attending and contributing to meetings and calls, including participation in committees
  • Required participation in annual giving 
  • Involvement in alumni relations and annual giving targeted engagement efforts: student mentoring, local  and regional events, chapter volunteer leaders, volunteer speakers

Term Length:

3-year term with the option to renew for a second term, determined by Alumni Relations and Board Member

Time Requirements:  

1 to 3 hours per month (includes attendance at full board meetings, participation in committees, and  attendance at applicable regional and local event attendance, volunteer speaking, etc.)

Contact Alumni Relations