Whether you're beginning your leadership journey or making the final step up to the C-suite, we have programs to meet your development needs.

  • Feb 28 2017 to Mar 2 2017
    Tuesday - Thursday
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    Delve into the psychology of pricing strategies, while considering the perspective of your customer, competition, and company.

  • Mar 7 2017 to Mar 9 2017
    Tuesday - Thursday
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders, C-Suite

    Leading a major change initiative, whether cutting costs, managing through a crisis, or making good great, can be the defining point of a career. But according to McKinsey, only 30% of change initiatives succeed, equating to high risk for the individuals and organizations involved. 

  • Mar 7 2017 to Mar 9 2017
    Tuesday - Thursday
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    Take the fear out of decision-making. Learn how to take intelligent risks, minimize biases in your assessments, and measure the quality of strategic decisions in our Strategic Agility course. Enroll in this two-and-a-half-day course, and learn to strengthen your organization’s strategy and decision-making capabilities from our esteemed faculty.

  • Mar 9 2017 to Mar 10 2017
    LEVEL: Emerging Leaders, Mid Level Leaders

    Those wanting to be perceived as successors for key positions within the leadership ranks, must inhabit executive presence—a blend of competencies, temperament, and skills that project a truly authentic executive.

  • Mar 13 2017
    Monday - Friday
    LEVEL: C-Suite

    One week a month in March, June, and September

    This program prepares new, rising, and aspiring CFOs to effectively lead finance from the C-suite. In three one-week sessions (two during spring and one in early fall), the course delivers succinct, impactful training in core management disciplines, (e.g., strategy, risk, and financial accountability), and skills to better lead self, teams, and organizations.

  • Mar 20 2017 to May 1 2017
    LEVEL: Emerging Leaders, Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    The overall objective of this course is to help prepare future leaders across the spectrum of pharmaceutical development, investment, manufacturing, distribution, utilization management, and ordering.  Medical Industry Leadership Institute 6235