Whether you're beginning your leadership journey or making the final step up to the C-suite, we have programs to meet your development needs.

  • May 9 2017 to May 11 2017
    Tuesday - Thursday
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    This unique program is designed to provide practical guidance with proven processes on how to create and sell customer value based on your customer's business environment and deliver that value consistent with the corporate mission and marketing strategy

  • May 9 2017 to May 11 2017
    Tuesday - Thursday
    LEVEL: Emerging Leaders, Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    Learn critical financial fundamentals and be able to more confidently communicate with financial practitioners, understand how to analyze and evaluate financial decisions, and contribute more to the creation of shareholder value.

  • May 16 2017 to May 18 2017
    Tuesday - Thursday
    LEVEL: Emerging Leaders

    Prepare tomorrow's leaders today with this targeted and highly impactful program to enhance emerging leaders’ collaboration, communication, and leadership skills. Emerging leaders are stepping up faster than ever before, and the coming retirement bubble will only accelerate the pace. With early responsibility and less time on the job, emerging leaders and their companies will benefit from this opportunity to enhance their collaboration, communication, and leadership skills.


  • Jun 4 2017 to Jun 15 2017
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    This course provides students with a unique opportunity to work on cross-cultural teams with students at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship to evaluate a medical technology or service developed by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.  

  • Jun 5 2017 to Sep 15 2017
    Monday - Friday
    LEVEL: C-Suite

    One week a month in March, June, and September

    This program prepares new, rising, and aspiring CFOs to effectively lead finance from the C-suite. In three one-week sessions (two during spring and one in early fall), the course delivers succinct, impactful training in core management disciplines, (e.g., strategy, risk, and financial accountability), and skills to better lead self, teams, and organizations.

  • Sep 6 2017 to Oct 18 2017
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    This course, with the insight of industry leaders, addresses public-private sector interactions and the business, public policy, regulatory, and technology management issues that concern medical device and biotechnology companies.