Whether you're beginning your leadership journey or making the final step up to the C-suite, we have programs to meet your development needs.

  • Jun 4 2017 to Jun 15 2017
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    This course provides students with a unique opportunity to work on cross-cultural teams with students at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship to evaluate a medical technology or service developed by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.  

  • Sep 6 2017 to Oct 18 2017
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    This course, with the insight of industry leaders, addresses public-private sector interactions and the business, public policy, regulatory, and technology management issues that concern medical device and biotechnology companies.

  • Oct 2 2017 to Oct 4 2017
    Monday - Wednesday
    LEVEL: Emerging Leaders, Mid Level Leaders

    Increase the ROI of your digital marketing spend.

  • Oct 3 2017 to Oct 4 2017
    LEVEL: Emerging Leaders, Mid Level Leaders

    Those wanting to be perceived as successors for key positions within the leadership ranks, must inhabit executive presence—a blend of competencies, temperament, and skills that project a truly authentic executive.

  • Oct 24 2017 to Oct 26 2017
    Tuesday - Thursday
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    Learn to manage and lead your workforce in this evermore common, high octane environment. Uncover ways to exert influence as a team leader, increase performance across your organization, and support the achievement of business objectives with the guidance of our seasoned faculty. Drive performance, maintain a highly-effective work culture, and build leadership capabilities to meet future business needs in this dynamic course

  • Oct 24 2017 to Dec 12 2017
    LEVEL: Mid Level Leaders, Senior Leaders

    This course provides a theoretical and conceptual base, including the application of current and evolving technology systems for managers, creators, and evaluators of health care information technology, Special attention is paid to the design and evaluation of common data structures. The outcome will be to provide a future manager with an awareness of health IT applications that mark the movement and engagement of patients through the health care supply chain.