Medical Industry Leadership Institute Affiliates


The Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) Affiliates' mission is to connect and empower individuals who have a passion to develop and expand the medical industry for the better of others and their communities.


MILI Affiliates brings together Carlson School of Management MBA alumni with a MILI Specialization and individuals working in or actively engaged in the medical industry. Together they share a common interest in engaging with each other, the medical industry, and their community. MILI affiliate members gain access to events, networking socials, initiatives, and development opportunities.



Keeping an energized and engaged group of individuals requires opportunities for them to routinely connect and meet new people to discuss and collaborate on ideas and experiences. MILI Affiliates, therefore, gain access to events throughout the year to build those networks, relationships, and opportunities for professional growth.


The MILI Mentorship Program provides a formal process for helping MILI Affiliates and current students make connections.  Students learn about careers, gain industry perspective, and put themselves in a position to naturally develop mentoring relationships.  Affiliates receive an outlet to give back and also gain valuable perspective.  We solicit both students and affiliates and make matches based on common interests. Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee? Our bulk matching process starts in the fall, but we are happy to try and find matches throughout the year.

Medical Industry Exposure

While MILI Affiliate members have vast medical industry experience, exposing them to new ideas and emerging industry trends will expand their awareness and knowledge in this fast-paced and evolving industry. MILI Affiliates, therefore, gain access to tours, talks, influential individuals throughout annual events.

Community Involvement

MILI Affiliates have an abundant amount of training and experience in the medical industry which they could use outside their professional settings to make an impact in communities for those in need.


Affiliates across the globe


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New Affiliates each year


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MILI Affiliate Board

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MILI Overachiever

2017-18: Elisha Friesema

2018-19: Shannon McCormick

2019-20: Tanner Fuchs

2020-21: Nate Gomoll 

2021-22: Kyle Lee

2022-23: Jessica Gilman

2023-24: Angela Botiba

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