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Classroom Structure

Carlson Ventures Enterprise associates start the Ventures program at the start of their first spring semester and continue through the end of the following fall. Students receive eight credit hours for their work in the Ventures Enterprise, with a grade issued after each term.

Most associates spend about twelve hours per week on their enterprise work, primarily on projects. The majority of the grade is based on project work, with additional consideration for collaboration skills, class participation, presentation skills and professionalism.

The coursework is divided into three sections:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship teaches the foundational best practices, frameworks, and mindsets of entrepreneurial thinking and doing.
  • Entrepreneurship in Practice focuses on extending our understanding of and experience with opportunity assessment, business building, and assumption validation.
  • Topics in Entrepreneurship provides insight into subject matter relevant to the real world application of entrepreneurial skill through guest speakers, panels, and activities.

Each section of the curriculum builds upon the previous and is designed to draw connections to the real-world project work.


Classroom Testimonial

"You learn to be highly creative and flexible in your approach to solving business problems.

A key learning I gained from the Ventures Enterprise was the only thing you can plan for is that nothing will ever go according to plan. The Ventures Enterprise requires you to use all components of your business education. You learn to solve very specific as well as general business problems using structured, focused creativity.”

Nick LaRusso, MBA ’08 - Vice President of Business DevelopmentPearson