PhD Concentrations

Concentrating your skills

Carlson School PhD students choose from seven areas in business administration to focus their studies. Each area provides students with a standard orientation to an academic discipline and the opportunity to specialize and develop skills in theory building and empirical research. Students tailor their program of study, as well as research and teaching experience, in close consultation with a faculty member. A complete schedule of study (major plus minor or supporting program) typically totals a minimum of 40 semester credits plus 24 thesis credits.


Receive research
and teaching
Specialize and develop
skills in both theory building
and empirical research
Engage in
programs of study

Students select an integrated sequence of methodology courses in statistics, research design, cognitive modeling, econometrics, survey methodology, or database design to complement business courses.

Choose from seven areas in business administration to focus your studies

Detailed requirements information can be found under each area of concentration: