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Finance Department


One in three undergraduates are Finance majors. Joining the Finance program means joining a robust community!


Employment rate within 90 days of graduation


The average starting salary of an undergraduate Finance student

MBA Corporate Finance Education

The goal of the MBA corporate finance education is to provide students with more flexibility in choosing topics of interest and designing one’s own learning path. It also enhances instructor specialization. The smaller, single credit courses allow for greater customization of the student's MBA education, and we offer highly-demanded topics such as Working Capital Management and Private Equity. The Corporate Finance Topic Tree will give you a good idea about the overall structure of the courses and the possible learning paths.

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New Faculty Members

We're thrilled to introduce the latest additions to our faculty team. These accomplished individuals bring a wealth of knowledge, innovation, and passion to our academic community.

Jason Turkiela is pictured from the sternum up. He has blonde-ginger hair and beard, and is wearing a dark blue suit with a red and blue striped tie.

Jason Turkiela

Adam Zhang is picture from the sternum up. He has black hair and glasses. He is wearing a dark gray suit with a black tie.

Adam Zhang

Finance Faculty Highlights

Our faculty members are more than just educators; they are accomplished leaders in the finance industry and dedicated researchers shaping the future of finance. We take immense pride in highlighting some of their remarkable accomplishments

Jacelly Cespedes is smiling at the camera. She has long brown hair and is wearing a black suit jacker and white blouse.

Jacelly Cespedes - 2023 Carlson Undergraduate Instructor of the Year

What students had to say:

“Professor Cespedes makes school enjoyable for me. She makes me feel welcomed into the classroom and makes it a safe space for everyone. She truly embodies what it means to be an extraordinary professor.”

“Jacelly has been an extremely motivating and kind-hearted instructor. She is passionate about her teaching topics and wants her students to do well. She thinks deeply about my questions and answers them proficiently while simultaneously making sure I, along with all of her students, understand them to the fullest extent.”

Eric White smiling at camera.

Eric White - 2023 Carlson Undergraduate Instructor of the Year

What students had to say:

“Eric White is amazing, spectacular, outstanding - if I started listing all the adjectives that could describe him it would be the length of an essay! He truly cares about each and every one of his students and makes sure that they know it.”

“You can tell that Eric is passionate about finance and that transfers over to how well he teaches his students. He is able to make an inclusive classroom environment so that students can ask questions without judgment. It's not just about memorization, it's about getting prepared for your future career even if it's not in finance.”

Richard Thakor

Richard Thakor

Winner MSF Outstanding Faculty in Foundation Courses

Xiaoji Lin

Xiaoji Lin

- Winner MSF Outstanding Faculty in Specialty Courses

Juliana Salomao

Juliana Salomao

Winnder of Departmental Service Award

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Junior Finance Conference

The 2023 Junior Finance Conference will be held on November 17th & 18th at the Carlson School of Management.

CFE Boardroom Presenation

Funds Enterprise

The David S. Kidwell Funds Enterprise (CFE) allows MBA and undergraduate finance students the opportunity to manage over $50 million of real investment money. Guided by the managing director and faculty members, student participants take total control of the money management process.

Business Advancement Center for Health

Business Advancement Center for Health

The Carlson School of Management and the Business Advancement Center for Health (BACH) are uniquely positioned to reimagine and provide leadership in healthcare. By engaging interdisciplinary experts from academia, industry, and the community, BACH is designing and evaluating business-driven innovations that address critical gaps of equity in healthcare.