Medical Industry Leadership Institute Specializations

Students can complement their education with a medical industry specialization. By completing the specialization, students are automatically enrolled as a MILI Affiliate. MILI gives students opportunities to prepare for leadership track careers in functional areas of the medical industry including finance, marketing, consulting, operations, and information technology. Specific courses at the Carlson School draw on the University faculty’s significant scientific, technical, policy, legal, and ethics expertise relevant to the medical industry.

In addition to the Carlson School requirements, students interested in earning a medical industry specialization must complete:

  • MILI 6985: The Healthcare Marketplace
  • An experiential learning option with work in the medical industry (options that will fulfill this requirement are: MILI6995/6996/6997, IBUS 6997)
  • One additional MILI course or other medical industry related elective
  • MILI Specialization Application

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