Hong Kong

Undergraduate International Experience

The International Experience requirement was implemented at the Carlson School to prepare our undergraduate students to be business leaders in an increasingly competitive international economy. It signals our commitment to students' personal development in this area, leverages our existing strengths in international scholarship and programming, and provides a specific and important differentiating characteristic for the Carlson Undergraduate Program.

The primary goals of this requirement are:

  • To motivate students to become more globally competent
  • To encourage mutual understanding, communication, and collaboration of Carlson School students, staff, and faculty with colleagues abroad
  • To support the development of students as authentic global business leaders


Students have many choices available to complete their international experience. Any credit-bearing study abroad program offered by the Carlson Global Institute or University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center will fulfill the requirement. You may choose and apply to the program that provides the best opportunity to meet your area of study and career goals.


To plan for their international experience, students have help from multiple partners including their academic advisor, study abroad advisor, career coach, and the Office of Student Finance. Each contact will be able to help with a part of the process. We encourage students to meet with their advisers early and then check in on a regular basis to stay on track with planning.

  • Carlson Undergraduate Program (UG)
    Talk about coursework and how it fulfills academic requirements, and stay on track for graduation.
  • UG & CGI
    Discuss coursework to take abroad.
  • Carlson Global Institute (CGI)
    Talk about program fit, application processes and deadlines, financial aid and scholarships.
  • CGI & UBCC
    Discuss internship concerns and international mentorship.
  • Carlson Undergraduate Business Career Center (UBCC)
    Talk about how to balance internship and recruiting plans with study abroad timelines and learn to discuss study abroad experience in interviews.