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Medical Valuation Laboratory

The Lab is committed to educating students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to evaluate and estimate the investment potential of real-world healthcare innovations, accelerating their careers and preparing them for global leadership roles.

Rapid market assessments for new medical innovations

The Medical Valuation Laboratory brings the “business” perspective to innovation by providing rapid commercialization assessments conducted by cross-functional student teams, under the guidance of expert industry faculty.  Final recommendations assist inventors in overcoming obstacles, achieving investment, pivoting or advancing to their next idea.  Since its establishment in 2008, the Lab has completed over 500 global analyses, aiding in the evaluation of life-saving ideas and accelerating the time-to-market for critical new products.


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Valuation Lab Featured on Medical Alley Podcast

Professor Stephen Parente and Jessica Haupt joined Medical Alley's Frank Jaskulke to chat about the Medical Valuation Lab and MILI. Be sure to listen!

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MILI Valuation Lab: Carlson School Lab Influences Med Tech

The Carlson School's Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) Valuation Lab shapes the future of med tech through an interdisciplinary approach. Read success stories of MILI Valuation Lab alumni, including Dan Gilbertson, now working at Medtronic's corporate M&A team, Archana Desai, the director of strategy at Philips, and Beth Lindborg, the CEO of Sarcio, a regenerative treatment company. These alumni credit the Lab for their comprehensive understanding of the medical industry and their ability to navigate its complexities effectively.

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