Online MBA Courses

The entire Carlson MBA core can be taken online; the majority of elective courses are offered online at least once a year. Estimated that about 70% of elective courses can be delivered in an online capacity. 

Learn more about elective course offerings by exploring the course listings below, grouped by functional area. The courses listed represent typical offerings in an academic year. Not all electives are offered every semester.

Online MBA Core Courses & Electives

Our Online MBA is designed with the flexibility to fit your life. In addition to our online format courses, online MBA students can register for in-person coursework if they are able or take a weekend condensed course. More information on course delivery formats, please connect with a recruiter. 

To review specific elective courses, read courses description and course outcomes, please visit our MBA Electives Site.

  • MBA 6300 Strategic Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 6120 Data Analysis & Statistics - 3 credits
  • MBA 6030 Financial Accounting - 3 credits
  • MBA 6220 Supply Chain & Operations - 3 credits
  • MBA 6230 Financial Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 6210 Marketing Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 6110 Leading Others - 2 credits
  • MBA 6315 Business Ethics - 2 credits
  • MBA 6240 Competing in Data-Driven Age - 2 credits (IT Management requirement)
  • MBA 6140 Managerial Economics - 2 credits (Economics requirement)

For the required International Experience course, navigate to the International Business/Study Abroad (IBUS) tab

Choose 1 of the following

  • MGMT 6305 Int’l Environment of Business - 4 credits
  • IDSC 6465 Global Sourcing of IT - 4 credits
  • SCO 6081 Global Operations Strategy - 4 credits
  • MKTG 6072 International Marketing - 4 credits
  • IBUS 5/6xxx Global Enrichment - 4 credits
  • IBUS 5/6xxx Global Immersion/Exchange - credits vary


Online MBA Class Modalities

We offer several different course formats within our traditional fall, spring, and summer semesters - formats include in-person, condensed weekend, and online courses. Primarily courses will be taken in virtual or online formats. You can access courses anytime and anywhere to allow maximum flexibility. Instructors provide materials and assignments that students access online at any time or within a given time frame (such as one week), rather than instructors and students meeting together as a class on a regular schedule. Exams and group projects are also all online with opportunities for synchronous connection. Candidates can also still elect to take in-person weekday or weekend courses if their schedule allows.

MBA Course Formats

First seven weeks of the semester, two credit core or elective courses.

Last seven weeks of the semester, two credit core or elective courses.

Two credit core or elective courses, meeting three full days. This course may meet for three consecutive weeks, every other week for three weeks, or three times in two weeks. The timing of the condensed course offerings changes each semester. We now have some condensed courses that meet 4-5 times for half-days.

All three-credit courses are core courses.

All four-credit courses are elective courses.

Online MBA Course Waiver Policy

All students must complete a 52 credit program, with/without any course waivers. There is no option to transfer of credits into the curriculum.

All admitted applicants will go through an automatic core course waiver review process at the point of admission.  If a core course is waived, students will take an equivalent number of elective credits to be complete for the MBA degree.  Course waivers are not an equivalent to a waiver of credits requirements. Candidates waive a required course or topic, candidates will not be waived the credit.

The following criteria must be met for a Part-Time or Online MBA core course to be waived:

  • Two undergraduate courses OR one graduate level course in a core course area. Exception made for Managerial Accounting to allow one undergraduate or one graduate level course or current CMA certification.  

    • Classes must have been taken at an AACSB accredited international institution or at a regionally accredited U.S. institution.

    • The most recent of the two courses must have been taken within the past five years.

    • A grade of B or better must be earned in a course used for course waiver consideration.


  • Satisfactorily passing a waiver exam prior to the end of their first semester in the program. Only confirmed students can take waiver exams.

Details on waiver exams can be found on the Canvas MBA Academic Resources site under New Students > Waiver Exams