Participant Stories

Santha Prabu headshot

Tech Director Earns Executive Certificates to Stay Ahead of the Curve

"The value really comes when you apply what you learned in the program to your job," says Santha. "It's very practical. Each time I take a course, I always have at least two or three key points that I can take back to my work. People can see the difference -- that you're doing things differently. Carlson has shaped my leadership."

Kevin Rush

Medical Industry Director Applies Strategic Thinking

“I think that any time there’s a discussion of strategy there are people--even at director level--who think strategy is above their pay grade or they do not have the wherewithal to understand strategy. There were several people in class who were unsure about whether they belonged in that high-level of a course, but these participants were very engaged by the end. There are more roles than you would think where knowledge of strategy is very helpful.”

Block M

MBA Essentials: Preparing an IT Professional for the Next Step Up

“Overall, the course gave me more confidence to partner and communicate better, and my executive presence has increased. Confidence helps with my presence and visibility to leadership, and not just in my area. Now I’m becoming more of a liaison between different departments. Taking the course helped me take on that role…It’s becoming more and more official that ‘Yvonne is leading this, go to her’.”

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