Research Facilities

Behavioral Labs and Research Resources

The Behavioral Labs at the Carlson School of Management serve the behavioral research community in the business school as well as the College of Liberal Arts (CLA). Researchers using the labs are actively engaged in research on how people make decisions, form impressions of others, choose products, and much more.  The Behavioral Labs offer versatile spaces for conducting research as well as access to research resources, such as a paid subject pool, a robust list of database and dataset subscriptions, research support and participant recruitment through Qualtrics, and much more.  To learn more about the labs and the other resources available please click here.


Liberal Arts Technologies & Innovation Services (LATIS) - Research Workshop Series

LATIS offers a series of workshops created by our experts that are free and open to all faculty and graduate students.  Previous workshops include: Intro to Python for Social Scientists, Intro to R for Social Scientists, Intro to Nvivo, Intro to E-Prime, Intro to Ggplot2 in R & Lab, Getting Data from the Web, Designing a Research Workflow, Qualitative Workflows and Tools, Reproducible Research in R, Automating Data Acquisition and Workflow, Information Visualization: Creating Graphics for Publication, etc.  For a list of the current workshops available please click here.


Research Computing

The Carlson School Office of Research Computing offers access to research servers, statistical software,  databases, and other research support.  The Office of Research Computing works with the College of Liberal Arts(CLA), and the University’s Business Reference Library to provide additional research support, tools and software.  More information is available for Carlson School researchers on Inside Carlson.

Location:   CSOM 3-352