Education Abroad Parents & Families


Parents, guardians, and families can play an important role in the well-being and success of students by helping them make decisions and by influencing their behavior. When appropriate, parents, guardians, and families should:

  • Be involved in your student's decision to apply for a particular program. Talk with them about academics, costs, duration, and location.
  • Carefully evaluate health and safety information as provided by the Carlson Global Institute or other program sponsor (ex. Learning Abroad Center).
  • Have a discussion with your student about safety, behavior, insurance needs, and emergency procedures.
  • Encourage your student to be responsible about alcohol use while abroad.
  • Keep in touch with your student throughout the planning process and during their time abroad. Offer support as your student navigates new experiences, but allow them to problem solve independently. Video calls and social media make it inexpensive and easy to remain connected!

The best way to view our programs on the website is to use our "Program Finder"  to browse our offerings. CGI offers three main program types:

  • Short-term faculty-led programs (Global Enrichment) embedded during a semester or partial semester on-campus course that travel for 1-2 weeks in January, Spring Break or May
  • Summer programs on a variety of topics that are 3-8 weeks in length
  • Semester programs (Global Immersion) are 3.5 to 5 months in length, depending on the university calendar of the partner business school

Other Program Options

The Learning Abroad Center (LAC) offers programs ranging in length from 1 week to a full academic year abroad in disciplines across the University of Minnesota's spectrum of majors and minors. Please consult the LAC's program search page for a list of other program options.

All credit-bearing courses abroad offered by CGI or the Learning Abroad Center (LAC) fulfill the Carlson International Experience.

Undergraduate Students

  • Some Global Enrichment programs fulfill a degree requirement for all Carlson undergraduate students and may also fulfill a writing-intensive requirement.
  • Some Global Enrichment programs fulfill a degree requirement for some Carlson undergraduate students, depending on their major/minor requirements
  • Some Global Enrichment programs may offer elective credit for Carlson undergraduate students 
  • Courses taught abroad at partner business schools (Global Immersion and summer programs) commonly fulfill Carlson major/minor requirements. Students generally plan to receive credit for 1-2 courses toward their major or another specific requirement while the other credits are electives.
  • A semester abroad fulfills 1 honors course and 1 honors experience for the Undergraduate Honors Program. A short-term program fulfills 1 honors experience.
  • All Carlson students have a percentage of their total credits (120 required to graduate) available as elective credit. Taking an elective course abroad is an excellent opportunity to study a unique subject which may not be available to them at the University of Minnesota.
  • Some major courses are offered only once per year. Students should consult with their academic adviser when planning the timing of a semester abroad.

It's never too early for your student to begin planning for their international experience. A team of Education Abroad advisers is available to discuss the various program options.

Important Steps for Your Student to Take

  1. Research program options.
  2. Contact the Education Abroad advising team to schedule an appointment.  
  3. Consult with their academic adviser. Students should discuss the completion of their other academic requirements, the timing of the international experience, and the type of coursework they can take abroad so that their study abroad experience is integrated into their overall academic plan.
  4. Consult the Business Career Center about their study abroad plans and understand the steps they will need to take to best manage their job or internship search.

Many students are able to navigate the internship and job search process successfully even though they may be abroad during recruiting season. Have your student consider these steps to stay on top of their career search:

  • Carefully consider program start and end dates to determine if they conflict with internship or employment dates.
  • List your study abroad program dates on your resume (under Education) before you depart so companies remember that you will be gone. 
  • Reach out to companies before you depart to learn more about positions and ask about alternate interview times or methods.
  • Use Handshake throughout your time abroad to apply for positions. Video interviewing may be an option
  • See a Career Coach before you depart or request an virtual appointment while abroad to help navigate conversations with recruiters.


The application process (undergraduate and graduate instructions) is entirely online. Students will be charged a $50 application fee to their U of MN student accounts when applying.  

Application Priority Deadlines

  • October 17, 2022: Undergraduate May & Spring Break Global Enrichment programs; Graduate May Global Enrichment programs
  • February 1, 2023: Summer programs and Global Immersion programs (same deadline for both fall and spring applications)
  • April 3, 2023: Undergraduate January Global Enrichment programs; Graduate January Global Enrichment programs

A complete application is due by noon (Central Time) on the deadline day.  Contact our office in advance of the deadline with questions about the deadline.    

Scholarship applications are reviewed at the same time as the application deadlines, students should plan to submit their Scholarship applications at the same time as their program applications. 

Students can expect to be notified about their application status within four weeks of the priority deadline.

A complete application and required materials will vary by program. Please review the details on our Online Application Instructions page (undergraduate, graduate).

Financial planning is an important part of education abroad. The Carlson Global Institute offers resources to help students:

If you have questions about the costs for any education abroad program or regarding financial aid or scholarships, please contact our office at or 612-625-9361.

All students are advised on logistics including visa application, financial planning, academic planning, and travel planning (including flights, packing lists, out of pocket expenses etc.) as part of the pre-departure materials and orientation. Please review the logistics information with your student and contact the program manager if you have any questions.

The health and safety of all students is of utmost priority to the Carlson Global Institute. We recognize that no organization or institute can guarantee the safety of its students and that personal responsibility is a key part of a student's successful and safe experience, both at home and abroad. Risks can be significantly reduced when staff, students, parents, faculty, and advisers work together. To that end, we begin preparation before students depart.

Specific health and safety information, as well as emergency procedures, are covered during the pre-departure orientation.

For more information, please see:

  • Safe Travel Guidelines
  • Insurance - All students, faculty & staff traveling on Carlson Education Abroad programs are enrolled in comprehensive international medical insurance. More information on this policy can be found on the University of Minnesota's GPS Alliance website.
  • Education Abroad Policies including Code of Conduct, Health & Safety Risks, Program Cancellation, and more. 

Cancellation from an Education Abroad Program is subject to the established timelines for that program type. Please review the appropriate document below for the information for your student's specific program.

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