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Corporate Finance Conference

The Minnesota Corporate Finance Conference was most recently held on May 12th & 13th, 2022 at the Carlson School of Management.

Thursday, May 12th

11:30 AM

Conference Lunch

12:30 PM

Anthony Lee Zhang (Chicago) “Data and Welfare in Credit Markets” (with Mark Jansen, Fabian Nagel, and Constantine Yannelis)
Discussant: Jacelly Cespedes (Minnesota)

1:30 PM

Sylvain Catherine (Wharton) “Robustness Checks in Structural Analysis” (with Mehran Ebrahimian, David Sraer, and David Thesmar)
Discussant: Daniel Green (HBS)

2:30 PM

Coffee Break

2:45 PM

Colin Ward (Minnesota) “Appropriated Growth” (with Yuchen Chen, Xuelin Li, and Richard T. Thakor)
Discussant: Mindy Xiaolan (Texas)

3:45 PM

Gordon Phillips (Dartmouth) “Intellectual Property Protection Lost and Competition: An Examination Using Machine Learning” (with Utku U. Acikalin, Tolga Caskurlu, and Gerard Hoberg)
Discussant: Richard T. Thakor (Minnesota)

4:45 PM

Coffee Break

5:00 PM

Julia Fonseca (Illinois) “The Real Effects of Banking the Poor: Evidence from Brazil” (with Adrien Matray)
Discussant: Tracy Wang (Minnesota) 

Friday, May 13th

8:00 AM

Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM

Mark Egan (Harvard) “What Drives Variation in Investor Portfolios? Evidence from Retirement Plans” (with Alexander MacKay and Hanbin Yang)
Discussant: Erik Loualiche (Minnesota)

9:30 AM

Yiming Ma (Columbia) “Steering a Ship in Illiquid Waters: Active Management of Passive Funds” (with Naz Koont, Lubos Pastor, and Yao Zeng)
Discussant: Russ Wermers (Maryland)

10:30 AM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM

Andrew Winton (Minnesota) “Loans and Lies: Does Bank Monitoring Reduce Corporate Misreporting?” (with Minwen Li and Tanakorn Makaew)
Discussant: David Schoenherr (Princeton)

11:45 AM

Vikrant Vig (Northwestern) “Decomposing Fire Sale Discounts” (with Julian Franks, Gunjan Seth, Oren Sussman)
Discussant: Juliana Salomao (Minnesota)

12:45 PM



A picture of Sylvain Catherine from the chest up. He is wearing a white collared shirt and blue vneck sweater.

Sylvain Catherine

Assistant Professor - The Wharton School


A picture of Mark Egan from the chest up, smiling at the camera. He is wearing a light blue collared shirt.

Mark Egan

Assistant Professor - Harvard University


A picture of Julia Fonseca from the chest up, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a white blouse and navy blazer.

Julia Fonseca

Assistant Professor - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


A photo of yiming Ma from the chest up, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a boat necked navy top or dress and a white pearl necklace.

Yiming Ma

Assistant Professor of Finance - Columbia University


A picture of Gordon Phillips from the chest up, smiling at the camera. He is wearing a navy suit jacket with a light blue shirt and brown and blue diamond patterned tie.

Gordon Phillips

Laurence F. Whittemore Professor of Business Administration - Dartmouth College


A picture of Vikrant Vig from the chest up, smiling closed-lipped at the camera. He is wearing a black suit jacket with a white shirt and red, black and gray striped tie.

Vikrant Vig

Henry D. Bullock Chaired Professor of Finance - Northwestern University


A photo of Anthony Zhang from the waist up. He is wearing a gray suit jacket and open-collared white shirt.

Anthony Le Zhang

Assistant Professor - University of Chicago


Colin Ward

Colin Ward

Assistant Professor - University of Minnesota


Andrew Winton

Andrew Winton

Professor and Minnesota Banking Industry Endowed Chair - University of Minnesota


Guest Discussants

Daniel Green faces the camera, elbows on knees. He has a slight smile and is wearing a plaid flannel shirt and medium blue denim pants. He's wearing sunglasses pushed onto his head.

Daniel Green

Assistant Professor of Business Administration - Harvard Business School


David Schoenherr is pictured from the sternum up, turned 3/4 toward the camera. He is wearing a white collared shirt under a dak blue suit jacket. He's smiling slightly.

David Shoenherr

Assistant Professor of Economics - Princeton University


Russ Wermer is pictured from the collarbones up. He is wearing glasses and smiling at the camera. He is also wearing a blue and white pinstripe collared shirt, black suit jacket, and yellow tie.yell

Russ Wermers

Paul J. Cinquegrana ’63 Endowed Chair in Finance and Director, Center for Financial Policy at the Smith School of Business - University of Maryland


Mindy Zhang Xiaolan is pictured from the waist up, her arms crossed and her face is neutral. She is wearing a white, collared, button down shirt and a black skirt with white detailing.

Mindy Xiaolan

Assistant Professor of Finance - University of Texas at Austin