Executive MBA Global Experience

Experience a Global Perspective with the Carlson School Executive MBA

In an increasingly globalized business landscape, the ability to work across geographies and cultures is essential. Get hands-on experience navigating the complexities of international business with our Global Virtual Team Project and International Residency requirements.

Global Virtual Team Project

You’ll be placed on virtual teams with students from Carlson School’s Global Executive MBA program in China and Austria. Guided by a faculty leader from each program, you’ll work together to develop a detailed business plan. With your team, you’ll present your project to a panel of faculty and peers the week before graduation.

This is an opportunity to work across cultures, industries, and markets. You’ll develop advanced skills in teamwork, cross-cultural collaboration, and business plan development to address the demands of real-world international business challenges.

International Residency

At the end of the Executive MBA program, you’ll participate in an international residency (9-10 days) to gain hands-on experience in emerging and mature markets worldwide. Led by senior faculty, you’ll visit companies and tour plants and attend presentations by government officials, business leaders, and local professors.

Along with projects and team presentations, this is an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of cultural and social differences that can profoundly impact global business.

Executive MBA Virtual Team Project

Senior Lecturer Svjetlana Madzar sits down with us to discuss the Carlson School's Executive MBA virtual team project, which connects students from across the globe for their final project of the program.

The Global Virtual Team Project Teaches International Collaboration

The Global Virtual Team Project is a unique opportunity to practice international collaboration. It'll also help you take the first step in establishing a global professional network or help you build upon your existing one.

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