Medical Industry MBA - China Valuation Lab

The Medical Industry Valuation Lab is geared to provide participants interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities. Students work in cross-functional teams to conduct market assessments for new medical innovations, helping assess new medical product ideas and streamlining the time to market.


Empowering Global Leadership in the Medical Industry

The valuation process involves multiple stages, from assumptions to validations, verifications, challenges, and proposed solutions. This dynamic experience helps students develop a more robust understanding of how to evaluate a new technology or service from a global perspective, and help prepare them for leadership roles in an ever-evolving medical industry.

At the end of the 10-day program and intense intellectual inquiry, students prepare client presentations and recommendations for faculty and inventor critique.

The Medical Industry Valuation Lab also provides industry innovators with a top-to-bottom analysis of their medical innovation and its prospects in the market.

Valuation Process

Students will conduct market assessments for new medical innovations in the Medical Industry Valuation Lab, helping evaluate new medical product ideas and streamline the time to market. Working alongside world-renowned faculty, you’ll bring your expertise in market evaluation, industry problems, and cutting-edge policy conversations to the team.

Client submits project for valuation


Multi-disciplinary project teams formed


Five-week turnaround time for complete valuation


White paper and presentation delivered to client


Feedback from technology developers



Valuation Components

Through innovative training and industry-specific courses, students will gain knowledge, experiences, and hands-on evaluations of emerging technologies from all around the world.

  • Technology
  • Market size/potential
  • Competition
  • Intellectual property
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Technical evaluation
  • User evaluation
  • Finance/reimbursement
  • Recommendation


The two-year journey with the endearing MIMBA III has been an incredibly enriching, delightful, and fulfilling experience. The meticulously structured curriculum enabled us to seamlessly connect the dots and forge our path toward personal growth and development. This transformative journey has left us feeling rejuvenated, grateful, and forever changed, and we are truly indebted to the program for bringing us to where we are today.

Timo Wan

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