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Business Advancement Center for Health

Business Advancement Center for Health (BACH) and the Carlson School of Management are uniquely positioned to reimagine and provide leadership in healthcare. By engaging interdisciplinary experts from academia, industry, and the community, BACH is designing and evaluating business-driven innovations that address critical gaps of equity in healthcare.

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BACH runs on a framework of 4 ‘C’ principles

  • Convene key stakeholders in the community, academia, and industry 
  • Conduct collaborative research 
  • Co-Create innovative business-driven models 
  • Communicate findings


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BACH Events

BACH highlights the value of collaboration among stakeholders and will host roundtables and consortia with industry and community partners, conferences, multi-sector forums, and interdisciplinary student competitions. Past events are also available to watch.

Health Equity Research

Participatory research projects will engage the community and industry, along with faculty and students. This ecosystem will complement Carlson School coursework, expose students to state-of-the-art thinking, and engage faculty in innovative real-world health sector solutions.

Support the Center

Bridging the intersections of community, industry, and academia, BACH aligns sectors of the health economy to co-create innovative solutions to drive marketplace implementation. Learn more about how your gifts help to support BACH's research and activities for industry professionals and students here

2024 Convene Conference

The Business Advancement Center for Health (BACH) team hosted the 6th Annual Convene Conference on April 25.  This year’s conference theme "Building the Vision for SmartTech for Health," was inspired by Minnesota's designation as a "Med Tech Hub." Over 250 healthcare industry leaders, experts and innovators joined in-person and virtually to help advance a vision making our region the global HUB for smart medical technologies, leveraging AI, machine learning and the state-of-the art data analytics advances. The participants explored crucial partnerships, the intersection of smart medical technologies with electronic health records, and strategies for bringing innovative ideas to market, including funding considerations. Many thanks to all the speakers, sponsors, attendees, staff and volunteers. 

News & Recognition

Andy Danielson Mayo Clinic

Health Sector Leaders Consortium examines the future of healthcare

The Health Sector Leaders Consortium, held on Tuesday, October 17, brought together six distinguished guest speakers who shared invaluable insights and perspectives on several critical themes shaping the future of the health sector. The event, hosted by the Business Advancement Center for Health (BACH), left participants inspired to rethink the way they approach healthcare and equity.


Rapid Learning During a Public Health Emergency

A four-year AHRQ grant will fund a project to understand the physician, healthcare delivery organization, and market-level factors related to how doctors discontinue using ineffective treatments.

Investigative Team: Pinar Karaca-Mandic (PI), Dr. Jeffery, Dr. Nathan Cummins, Dr. Andrew Limper, Dr. Carolin Carlin, and Rob Walker

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New Research Grant to Study COVID-19 Meds

A new, nearly $1.6 million grant is fueling research at the Carlson School of Management, out of the Carlson School’s Business Advancement Center for Health (BACH), to better understand how the rapid flow of information during the COVID-19 pandemic impacted medication treatments for the disease. 

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