Vienna Executive MBA Global Team Project

The Global Team Project (GTP) provides Carlson School Executive MBA students with the unique opportunity to work in a collaborative team environment across cultures, industries, and markets. As participants in the GTP, students develop advanced skills in teamwork, cross-cultural collaboration, and business plan development within a dynamic environment shaped by academic rigor and the demands of real-world international business.

Each virtual team consists of students from all three of the Carlson School's Executive MBA programs:

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Guangzhou, China

It is up to each team to develop norms and processes for the development of an integrated business plan designed for success in the real world.

Forge Lasting Connections and Real-World Business Plans

Guided by a faculty leader in each program, the GTP participants learn from each other, develop a detailed business plan, and ultimately present to their fellow students and faculty evaluators at the conclusion of their degree program on the Carlson School campus in Minnesota.

Graduates of the Carlson School's Executive MBA programs often refer to the GTP as one of their most meaningful learning experiences, with immediate application to their professional lives and careers. Relationships formed during the GTP often endure and enhance the participants' global network of colleagues and friends.

Carlson Global Executive MBA - Vienna