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Financial Planning for your International Experience

When planning for your International Experience, it is important to begin planning early for both academic and financial purposes. There is a wide spectrum of costs associated with each study abroad program and we want you to find a program that is also the best fit for your finances. 


Financial Aid

Before you apply to a program, consider your existing financial aid for a typical semester at the University of Minnesota, how may that be affected by your program selection? 

To discuss your financial aid package, and how it may be adjusted to accommodate the cost of studying abroad: 

  • Schedule a Financial Aid Preview Meeting with an advisor at OneStop
  • Once you are accepted into a program, you must request a Study Abroad Cost Estimate (SACE) form from your study abroad office to submit to a OneStop Advisor. OneStop will use this form to adjust your financial aid package accordingly 



There are many scholarships available for study abroad programs, but deadlines may differ from your program application deadline. We encourage you to research your scholarship options early. Remember, not all your scholarships have to be "study abroad scholarships"! You can look at various collegiate scholarships that apply to your semester's tuition. 

Here is a list of pages you can explore:  

When we become aware of special scholarship opportunities for Carlson students, we will list them here. Please closely read the scholarship requirements and deadlines, as these scholarship, fellowship, and grant opportunities are not facilitated by Carlson Global Institute:


Upfront Cost Assistance

Once you choose your program, there may be some upfront costs associated (such as airfare and program deposits) that you may not immediately have funds to cover. Both the Carlson Global Institute and the Learning Abroad Center offer solutions that allow the student to cover these costs before your financial aid package disburses: 


Additional Resources 

Below we have some additional resources to help you evaluate program costs:


Still have questions? Lets Connect!

Choosing the right program for you and your goals while evaluating program costs and researching your financial resources can be complex, but we are here to support you!

If you have any questions regarding program costs and financing study abroad, we invite you to contact the Carlson Global Institute Study Abroad Scholarships & Financial Aid Advisor to schedule an appointment at

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