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There a number of ways to get involved with the Lab and contribute to the ongoing learning of the Lab students. We value all of the alumni and friends of the Lab, they are our biggest advocates and our most important success stories. Whether the Lab has helped accelerate a career, expanded a professional network or moved your company to engage with or even hire Lab students, we hope you see the power of this community. If you haven't connected with the Lab yet, below are a few opportunities to get you started

Support Student and University Entrepreneurs

Valuation Lab students and University innovators often have new medical ideas, but our current business model only supports them when we have surplus capacity. We want to offer spots in the Valuation Lab to inventors who can't afford the fee. To achieve this, we're reaching out to our alumni and friends for support. Entrepreneurs will submit a short proposal stating their need, and our Valuation Lab Executive Committee will review and select a candidate. 

This is a great opportunity to support the Valuation Lab and help medical industry innovators. The project you support could become a new lifesaving device

Attend an Event

Attend our Lab Chats, MILI Mondays and other events by checking out our events calendar. 

Fuel Healthcare Innovation: Make a Gift

The education, networking opportunities, friendships, and lifelong learning fostered by the Lab are second to none. As a self-supporting entity, the Lab relies on the generosity of individuals like you. Our mission to support the ongoing success and growth of our programming is a collective challenge. We need your help to continue reaching our goals of assisting inventors in accelerating the innovation pipeline, preparing students from diverse backgrounds for leadership roles in the medical industry and driving economic development. Your support plays a vital role in shaping the future of our community and making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

All donations made will help us continue to provide the high-quality experiential learning opportunity for future students and free valuations for inventors across the world.

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Valuation Lab Discovery (Fund 6087)

Experiential learning support for students in the Medical Valuation Laboratory course, (currently MILI course number 6995), for initiatives and educational experiences that facilitate market valuation of new innovations for the medical industry, and enhance the potential to bring new technologies to market.

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Finch Fellows (Fund 20864)

This fund is to provide one-year of financial support to the graduate students who are annually named as Fellows of the Medical Valuation Lab.

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