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There a number of ways to get involved with the Lab and contribute to the ongoing learning of the Lab students. We value all of the alumni and friends of the Lab, they are our biggest advocates and our most important success stories. Whether the Lab has helped accelerate a career, expanded a professional network or moved your company to engage with or even hire Lab students, we hope you see the power of this community. If you haven't connected with the Lab yet, below are a few opportunities to get you started!

Submit your project now! Once assigned, you will have a presentation and white-paper with recommendations, information on strategies, pricing, regulatory pathway and more.

Both the intake form and non-disclosure must be completed and submitted before projects will be considered for the Lab. The non-disclosure form is a standard form and has been used by over 400 prior inventors.  After submission of these forms, you will be put in the queue and connected with the student team once the project begins.

The Valuation Lab is offered to students in a number of different locations including the Twin Cities, the Bay Area, CA, and Stockholm Sweden. We are also expanding to new locations across the globe. If you or your company are interested in speaking to or hosting our students for a site visit at any of our domestic or international locations, please contact us at

As an expert in the medical industry, and in some cases alumni of the Lab, we value your experience and invite you to participate as an educational resource to the students. Your engagement and industry expertise adds a unique value to this course that the students cannot easily get elsewhere in their educational career. Students may contact you for specific expertise, guidance, and feedback for their projects.

Please provide information to include you as a resource in our private directory by filling out this short form.


The education, networking, friendships, and lifelong learning the Lab provides and fosters is second to none. The Lab is self-supporting and relies on your donations and generosity. Our mission to support the ongoing success and growth of our programming is a challenge. We need your help to continue reaching our goals of helping inventors accelerate the innovation pipeline, preparing students for leadership roles in the medical industry and driving economic development.

All donations made will help us continue to provide the high-quality experiential learning opportunity for future students and free valuations for inventors across the world.

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