Part-Time MBA Career Outcomes

Advance Your Career as a Business Leader

The Part-Time MBA program from the Carlson School of Management offers a combination of real-world experience and diverse skill-building, leading to high graduate employment rates and above-average salaries. With business and financial employment expected to grow faster than the national average through 2032,1 now is an ideal time to continue your education and invest in your future success.

Part-Time MBA Careers and Salary

Earning an MBA from the Carlson School can prepare you to pursue leadership roles in fields like finance, manufacturing, healthcare administration, technology, and more. You'll be prepared for roles such as:

  • Marketing Manager: $140,040 per year2
  • Top Executive: $100,090 per year3
  • Financial Analyst: $96,220 per year4
  • Product Manager: $94,709 per year5

Program Outcomes

  • Strong foundational business knowledge across a range of functional areas including Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, Supply Chain & Technology. 
  • Strong skills in collaboration.
  • Excellent critical thinking skills for solving complex business problems.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Enhanced leadership skills and effectiveness
  • A global mindset and understanding of cross-cultural management
  • Greater depth in any particular chosen area of study as you craft a course of study with your elective credits

Alumni Achievements

According to our most recent employment report, the Part-Time MBA class of 2023 reports a mean salary of $129,246.6 Additionally, more than one-third of graduates reported receiving a promotion. Explore more outcomes data below.


reported a significant job change within 4 months of graduation


changed level or were promoted within 4 months of graduation


average salary increase from program start to 4 months post-graduation

Scott Jacobs

"My dream has always been to own my own business, and I knew I needed to learn more. Carlson gave me the credibility at work to get more responsibility, and ultimately both the degree and that experience has better equipped me to achieve my dreams."

Scott Jacobs, Class of 2019, Co-founder, Groveland Leadership

Career Resources

The Carlson Business Career Center (CBCC) has connections with hundreds of companies that recruit students like you. So whether you'd like to join a corporation, work for a non-profit, start your own business, or advance in your industry, we offer the support you need. With dedicated career coaches from a variety of backgrounds, the CBCC can help you launch the next phase of your career. 

Student Career Resources

  • Career counseling and tests
  • Career fair and networking events
  • Job search tools and resume reviews
  • Mock interviews and negotiation strategies


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