Business Taxation Admissions Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Business Taxation (MBT) Program. All materials are submitted electronically through the online application system. Admission decisions are communicated to applicants through the online application system.

Application Deadlines

Apply early and give yourself the best chance to join the Carlson School's Master of Business Taxation program.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Start: June 15
  • Spring Start: October 15

We will accept applications after the deadline if space is available.

Application Requirements

All MBT applicants must complete the online application. The application can be saved and continued later. Your application is complete when you have completed and/or uploaded the following items. Letters of recommendation are not required.

Start Your Application

Submit a completed application. Application requirements are listed below. 

List each institution of higher learning from which you have earned credit in your application.

Unofficial Transcripts

You will need to submit a transcript from each college or university where you have completed coursework before your application will be considered complete and reviewed by the admissions committee. Unofficial transcripts must
include your name and the name of the institution. Third Party credential evaluation
reports and degree planning documents are not accepted.  You can also email them to to for attachment to your application file. This includes incomplete or partial academic records.

International credentials much include both the original language document and an English translation. Include original language diplomas if a degree was conferred.

Please do not mail in paper copies of your transcripts. There is no need for official transcripts or academic records for initial review.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts/academic records are required after you are admitted to a graduate program. At the time of admission, you will receive a list of the specific credentials we require from you. These must be submitted before you register at the University of Minnesota. All transcripts and academic records uploaded to the online application are considered unofficial.

It is your responsibility to request official transcripts/credentials from the original institution. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the University from the issuing institution. Do NOT send official transcripts to yourself first.

Use the following address:

Carlson School of Management

MBA & MS Programs
University of Minnesota
321 Nineteenth Avenue South, Suite 1-110
Minneapolis, MN  55455-0438

For electronic transcripts: use as the recipient.

The University of Minnesota reserves the right to require the submission of official transcripts or credentials any time during the admission review process.

Your personal statement should be no more than 1000 words (2 pages), that address the following questions:

  • Why are you choosing to pursue an MBT degree at this time in your career? What are you hoping to accomplish by doing so? Briefly describe your short-term (upon graduation from the program) and long-term (5-10 years after the program) career goals. Please be as specific as possible with roles, companies and/or industries.
  • What excites you about being part of the Carlson School MBT program?
  • Describe your current thinking about diversity, equity, and inclusion. How has your thinking changed over time?

Submit a current resume (CV) that includes job responsibilities and accomplishments.

If English is not your first language, you must submit scores from the one of the following tests. Scores must be less than 2 years old when you apply.

You do not need to take an English test if:

  • You have completed your previous education solely in English in a country where English is not an official language. Your transcript must indicate that English was the language of instruction, or you must provide a statement from the university indicating that English was the sole language of instruction in order to be exempt from the testing requirement.


  • You have completed the last 2 years of a bachelor's degree or 1 year of a graduate school (full-time) in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

You are not exempt if you have lived in an English-speaking country for several years, unless you meet one of the above requirements.

TOEFL scores must be sent to institution code 6874 (U OF MINNESOTA MNNPLS). 

IELTS scores may be sent to us by completing a Test Report Form indicating us as a receiving organization:

Carlson MBA & MS Admissions
321 19th Avenue South, Room 1-110
Minneapolis, MN 55455

PTE Academic scores may be sent to the Carlson School MBA Programs office using program code JP3-5T-48.


Submit electronically via the online application.

International Applicants

The Carlson School of Management is committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive community that encourages all members to reach their full potential through learning, working, and service.

We continue to provide access to the prestigious Carlson School brand and network for students worldwide. We are thrilled to accept international students into the program, recognizing the valuable perspectives and contributions they bring to studying business taxation.

Please note that the Master of Business Taxation program is delivered online, allowing for flexible learning options. However, it's important to mention that the University of Minnesota cannot grant student visas to Master of Business Taxation students. While international students are welcome to join the program, they should ensure compliance with their respective country's visa regulations.

International Student Information & Requirements

The Carlson School requires a first university degree that is comparable to a U.S. bachelor's degree. Generally this means a degree requiring at least 3-4 years of post-baccalaureate university study. If you are unsure whether your degree is acceptable, please inquire early.

If you attended universities that issue official transcripts of records upon request, please submit these credentials. We cannot accept attested true copies of records.

If credentials do not show the university grading system, submit an official statement from the university with this information. If credentials do not record the awarding of the degree, submit certified true copies of your diplomas.

Former USSR and Europe
Applicants from these countries should submit official English translations along with credentials in the original language.

People's Republic of China
Please submit official transcripts and degree award statements in English and Chinese.

Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, France, and Universities outside North America on the French System
Applicants from universities in these countries may submit certified or attested mark sheets or reports that detail results of all exams. These credentials must be certified by university personnel or government officials. They should bear the original signature of the certifying official. Do not certify your own credentials.

Online students cannot be issued an F-1 or J-1 visa. You must have a work permit or dependent visa in order to pursue the Master of Business Taxation program.

Proof of English Language Proficiency is required of all applicants and must be demonstrated in one of the following ways

  • Complete at least the last 2 years of a bachelor's degree or 1 year of graduate school (Full-Time) in the U.S., U..K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Anglophone Africa, or the English-speaking Caribbean and will provide official transcripts..
  • Complete education solely in English in a country where English is not the official language and will provide documented proof (Ex. India)
  • Will provide the official results of an English language test taken within the last two years

You must take the TOEFLIELTSPTE Academic, or Duolingo exam if you do not meet one of the other requirements. We accept scores from any of these exams, it is not necessary to take more than one. Scores must be less than 2 years old when you apply.

You are not exempt if you have lived in an English-speaking country for several years but have not completed any prior education in English.

Typically competitive candidates have scores within the following ranges:

  • 90-105 internet-based TOEFL
  • 600-650 paper-based TOEFL

The Carlson School must receive an official score report directly from the testing service. The code for the Carlson School MBA Program is 6874; the department code is 02.

To be considered for admission, the Carlson School requires a minimum overall band score of 7.0, with no section lower than 6.5.

IELTS test scores are verified using the Test Report Form (TRF) number. You may upload a scanned copy of your IELTS Test Report Form in your application or email the score report to

Score reports will be accepted via email from applicants or the testing agency.

To be considered for admission, the Carlson School requires a minimum score of 65 on the PTE Academic. The School must receive an official score report from Pearson. When you take the exam, please specify that you wish to have an official score report sent to the Carlson School of Management MBA Programs at program code JP3-5T-48.

To be considered for admission, we require a minimum overall score of 120 and a minimum literacy section score of 120. Please send your test score results directly to

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