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Information & Decision Sciences Academic Programs

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Undergraduate MIS Major and Minor

Learn how to manage the digital assets of an organization and apply information technologies to solve business problems.

Carlson School students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degree may select a major or a minor in Management Information Systems (MIS). The MIS curriculum prepares students to conceptualize, analyze, and develop leading-edge information systems that support business processes and management decision-making.

Business Analytics minor

Undergraduate Business Analytics Minor

Gain the skills to make data-driven decisions in the functional areas of business.

Demand has never been greater for professionals who understand the power of analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related techniques. Soon, analytics will be an expected core competency. The analytics curriculum prepares students to succeed in a data-driven world.

Masters in Business Analytics

MS in Business Analytics

Turn data into business value with a high-demand combination of data science skills and business acumen.

The Carlson School's Master's in Business Analytics (MSBA) program prepares professionals to harvest, process, and analyze data to extract important insights. The MSBA curriculum integrates fundamental business knowledge with analytical training and data science techniques. Students apply what they learn to experiential learning projects for real client companies, making graduates very attractive job candidates. 

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MBA with Information Systems Specialization

An MBA with specialization in information systems prepares students to lead businesses in the digital age. Information technologies have profound and often disruptive impact on business and society. Students who choose this specialization learn to leverage IT and integrated data for business success. The curriculum addresses important compliance and security issues related to heavy integration of IT with financial and accounting processes. Graduates of this program specialization innovate growth and differentiation opportunities based on data-driven business intelligence, emerging technologies, and IT-enabled business processes.

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PhD with Information and Decision Sciences Concentration

The Carlson School's PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in Information and Decision Sciences is one of the world's top-rated research programs in information systems. Students learn intellectual frameworks and methodologies for analyzing how information is managed to make the best business decisions for organizations.