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May 2024: The Heart of the Matter: Keeping the Beat at a Healthcare Non-Profit

Co-hosted by:  Stephen Parente PhD and Thom Gunderson MBA


Kris Fortman, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation


Dockside Chat - July '21.jpg

April 2024: Live From DMD, Global Medical Technology Innovation

Co-hosted by:  Stephen Parente, PhD and Thom Gunderson MBA

Featuring: Jason Mellad, Start Codon and Tim Laske, Medtronic


Dockside Chat - July '21.jpg

March 2024: Live from Washington DC: Future Healthcare Trends

Co-hosted by:  Stephen Parente, PhD and Thom Gunderson MBA

Featuring: Joe Grogan, Scholar, USC Schaeffer Center


Previously Recorded Lab Chats

February 2024: The Exit Interview: 13 Years Leading US Health Services Research in Washington DC

January 2024: Live from California: Unexpected Lessons Learned from the Bay Area Valuation Lab

December 2023: The Future of Medtech from a Serial Entrepreneur

October 2023: Innovation & Accessibility: Is there a path to sustainable health care spending?

September 2023: UMN Health at a Crossroads

July 2023: Live from Cambridge, UK: Start Codon, Life Science Investing in the UK

June 2023: AI & Analytics in Healthcare

May 2023: Live from Sweden - Driving Medical Innovation in the Nordic Countries

April 2023: Live from the Design of Medical Devices Conference: The Dutch Medtech Ecosystem and Trends in Europe

March 2023: Towards Making the Promise of Healthcare Price Transparency a Reality

February 2023: Fad or Future - Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. A Chat with ChatGPT

January 2023: Live from San Francisco! Innovation, Careers and How the Valuation Lab Influenced Your Journey

December 2022: The Emerging Healthcare Delivery Ecosystem: Foundational Trends Reshaping the Way Healthcare is Organized and Delivered in the US

November 2022: The Voters Have Spoken. Now What? A Discussion with Medtech Leaders

October 2022: Healthcare 3.0: Primary Care as a Consumer Product

September 2022: Price Transparency From Medical Insurers is Live - Now What? Let's Check in with the National Architects of Price Transparency Policy

August 2022: Special Edition Dockside Chat - Mike Finch Tribute - recording not available

July 2022: Medical Industry Entrepreneurship in Brazil

June 2022: How to be Successful in (Medtech) Business Without Really Trying: Driving Successful Businesses Both Large and Small

May 2022: Balancing Innovation, Access and Affordability in our Health Care System

April 2022: Overnight Success - A Twenty Year Journey, Featuring Nadim Yared

March 2022: Global Regulatory Landscape, Featuring Susan Alpert, Mark Kramer and Winifred Wu

February 2022: RoundtableRx, Featuring Rachel Rockwell

January 2022: Our Predictions are in - Medtech Trends 2022, Featuring Angela Gillespie

November 2021: Operation Warp Speed: The Value of Public-Private Partnerships, Featuring Eric Hargan

October 2021: Health Tech Vision 2021, Featuring Jenica McHugh

September 2021: Discover the Valuation Lab Advantage, Featuring Stephan Dunning, Beth Lindborg, Adam Rao, and Dane Stimart

August 2021: West Coast Medical Industry Entrepreneurship: Is it More Musk or Bezos? Featuring Adrine Chung and Thomas Cloyd

July 2021: The Journey of How We Got to the Starting Line with Marani, Featuring Ann Holder and Kathleen Tune

June 2021: Last Call or First Call for Consumer Driven Health Policy & Reform? Featuring Charles E. Phelps

Mary 2021: Update on Early Stage Investments in Healthcare, Featuring Josh Baltzell

April 2021: Eye of the Storm: Current Events in Business and Health, Featuring Thomas Gunderson and Stephen Parente

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