Medical Valuation Laboratory Clients

Innovations that have the benefit of a full and thorough evaluation can often be pushed into the market more quickly.  The rapid turnaround of the Valuation Lab where students apply the “business” aspect to these inventions, speed up the innovation pipeline. By doing so, potentially disruptive advancements can get to market more quickly and have positive impacts on patient care. The types of projects seen are varied, which further illustrates the potential to change a large number of markets and standards of practice.

Presentations end with very straightforward summary statements containing recommendations for the next steps, which there are typically three: 1) proceed; 2) interesting but not ready for prime time; 3) stop development, there is no commercial potential.


Rapid and thorough top-to-bottom analysis of innovation and its prospect in the market


  • Explore the “business” aspect of innovation
  • Utilize thorough evaluation to enter the market more quickly
  • Receive an unbiased market assessment
  • Student reports take the viewpoint of potential investors and can be used when making business pitches for investments.



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Both the intake form and non-disclosure must be completed and submitted before projects will be considered for the Lab. The non-disclosure form is a standard form and has been used by over 400 prior inventors.  After submission of these forms, you will be put in the queue and connected with the student team once the project begins.

“Many researchers and inventors are technically very good, but don’t understand the nontechnical challenges and requirements for a new technology to become commercially successful and therefore fundable. The Valuation Lab helps the entrepreneurs understand the potential for success and, more likely, the challenges that will need to be addressed. The best entrepreneurs have taken this information from the Lab, solved the challenges, and returned to the Lab for another valuation that is inevitably more promising.”

Randy Nelson CEO & Founder, Evergreen Medical Technologies & Former Instructor, Valuation Lab

Medical Valuation Laboratory