Master of Marketing Curriculum

The Master of Marketing program is a full-time, 32 credit, 9-month program. Like our other programs, the MSMK program is cohort-based, so classes are lock-step and taken with the same classmates throughout. All courses are delivered in person, on-campus during the day on weekdays, with Fridays reserved for workshops and career center events. There are no elective course offerings in this program.

What you'll learn

In this in-depth and fast-paced program, you'll be taught by top-ranked professors, exploring everything from management to analytics and strategy. And through our Brand Enterprise program you’ll work with real-world companies on a semester-long marketing challenge their business is facing. The 2022 class developed their marketing skills during the Brand Enterprise program by consulting with top companies like Cambria and Schwan’s.

Below is a sample schedule (subject to change):

Term A (7 weeks)

MSMK 6211 - Marketing Management (3 credits) - Term A & B

  • MSMK 6205- Business Fundamentals for Marketing (3 credits)
  • MSMK 6078 - Advertising & Promotion (2 credits)
  • MSMK 6281 - Customer Experience Management (2 credits)
  • MSMK 6901 - Project Management (1 credit)

Term B (7 weeks)

  • MSMK 6055 - Buyer Behavior (2 credits)
  • MSMK 6086 - Digital Marketing (2 credits)
  • MSMK 6051 - Marketing Intelligence (2 credits)

Term A (7 weeks)

MSMK 6505 - Brand Enterprise (4 credits) - Term A & B

  • MSMK 6052- Marketing Analytics: Decision Making (2 credits)
  • MSMK 6053 - Marketing Analytics: Insights (2 credits)
  • MSMK 6082 - Brand Strategy (2 credits)

Term B (7 weeks)

  • MSMK 6088 - Strategic Marketing (3 credits)
  • MSMK 6076 - Customer Relationship Management (2 credits)

Is a Master of Marketing right for you?

Do you want more opportunities and more meaningful work? If you’re a college junior or senior—or a recent university graduate—a master’s degree in marketing can prepare you for a fun, rewarding career where you can make a difference.

Build a solid foundation in marketing

The Master of Marketing faculty and curriculum prepare students to succeed in marketing careers after graduation and beyond.

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