Work & Organizations Department Research

Team Mindfulness and Productivity: What's the Connection?
Professor Mary Zellmer-Bruhn zeroes in on mindfulness' impact on business teams.

Dispute Lessons from the Major League
What can Major League Baseball teach the business world about dispute resolution? According to Professor John Budd, quite a bit more than you might think.

What 10 Seasons of German Soccer Reveal About Diversity
Small differences in competitive situations can make a big difference. That was the conclusion of Professor Avner Ben-Ner and his co-authors.

Hot Shots, Cool Receptions
Assistant Professor Elizabeth Campbell discovered an odd paradox might explain what many high performers were experiencing, particularly in workplaces that emphasized teamwork.

How Work-Family Conflict Leads Employees to Fall Short of Intentions
Professor Theresa Glomb and Associate Professor Colleen Manchester find work-family conflict interferes with workers' ability to tackle crucial tasks.

Why Wives are More Likely to Say "I Do" to Relocation
Assistant Professor Alan Benson discovers the tendency for couples to relocate is driven by the types of jobs men and women enter.

For Those Over 50, Finding a Job Can Get Old
Professor Connie Wanberg pinpoints why older job seekers face difficulties finding reemployment after losing a job.

Fitting In During the First 90 Days
Professor John Kammeyer-Mueller's research explores the importance of supervisor and coworker support for new hires.


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