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Students who graduate from the Global Medical Industry MBA (GMIMBA) not only have access to their incredible cohort of students and faculty, but they join an alumni network of over 60,000 alumni across 100 countries.

Benefits for Online Learners

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Enjoy the benefits of a synchronous community where courses are taught online in real-time. Students engage fully with class content and virtual discussions facilitated by their professors. This online course delivery allows students to complete their degrees from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Student Resources

  • Academic advising
  • Career coaching
  • Enhanced virtual services and technology support

What our Valuation Lab Alumni have to say about the program:

Amy Reisdorf, Sage Growth Partners

The experiences at the Valuation Lab "were the highlight of my MBA program because I gained real-world experience conducting rapid market assessments on medical devices and services. My project topics included: telehealth platforms, AI, smart devices, diagnostic testing, gene therapy, and neonatal inter-facility transfers. I had the opportunity to work on cross-functional teams with students from many different backgrounds (engineering, medicine, law, public health) and conduct a top-to-bottom evaluation of a real medical device or service in the market. I feel confident that the Val Lab helped me to improve my interpersonal skills, adapt to changes, and problem solve in real-time."

Thien-Huong (TH) Tran, UnitedHealth Group

"For the Valuation Lab, this top-down analysis of the device or innovation really forces you to take a holistic view by considering all the stakeholders’ perspectives and taking a few steps back to consider all the pieces, such as the competitive landscape, a financial analysis, the market dynamics, and overall strategy...its accelerated timeframe and emphasis on intercultural team relationships made for a unique learning environment where I was able to work on soft skills such as patience, adaptability, and cultural competency."

Tanner Fuchs, Medtronic

The Valuation Lab was "what I was looking for. I wanted hands-on medical technology start-up experience. This supplied that directly by putting me in the driver's seat to understand the technology, the problem the technology was solving, the market opportunity and financials to support it, and all of the nuanced hurdles of medical technology such as regulation, reimbursement, and quality assurance."

Global Medical Industry MBA