Talent Development Partnership Program

The Talent Development Partnership makes it easy for medium to large firms to provide robust learning and development resources for leaders throughout their organization.

Carlson Executive Education is recognized as a leader in the Midwest business community for world-class insights and leadership practices. Now organizations can integrate that expertise as a sustainable and scalable component of their learning and development program.

In this program, organizations receive:

  • 25% discounts on registration for executive education courses 
  • A unique discount code to promote as part of the organization’s L&D offering 
  • Priority access to Carlson events and speakers
  • Personalized guidance to match Carlson development resources to the organization’s business goals

2-to-5-Day Courses

Our catalog of short courses is curated to develop a broad range of essential business leadership skills, all in our efficient 2-5-day course format. Courses are designed for high-impact and application. The participant experience is tailored to meet the needs of professional learners and occurs either online, or on-site at the Carlson Executive Center in Minneapolis.


By attending Carlson Executive Education short courses, leaders can:

  • Explore best practices
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Engage in peer-to-peer learning
  • Earn Executive Certificates
  • Be exposed to thought leadership
  • Step away from the office and return refreshed
Two men walking

"High-growth individuals who embrace new learning make the organization smarter and contribute to its growth, but they can’t do it alone. They need a learning ecosystem."

– Harvard Business Review, 2019

Program Qualifications

Organizations must register for at least 10 seats in Carlson Executive Education short courses per year to continue receiving partnership benefits.

No Contract

Organizations do not need to sign a contract to join the partnership program. HR leaders simply need to contact the Carlson Executive Education office to confirm entry into the program and set up a discount code unique to their organization. To qualify for the renewal of the program, the minimum number of registrations must be met.

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