Full-Time MBA Clubs & Organizations

Socialize, lead, and learn from your fellow students by joining one of 20+ student clubs and organizations that represent an array of professional, social, cultural, and athletic interests. From the Carlson Marketing Network and Consulting Club, to Outdoor Adventures Club and Partners Club, there’s plenty of ways to get involved.  

Arts and Business Club (ABC) cultivates an appreciation for and understanding of the arts, and helps MBAs as future business leaders understand how we can help support arts and cultural organizations in our careers, and the value the arts contribute to a healthy business community.

Carlson 4 Community (C4C) is Carlson School of Management’s leading student organization promoting volunteerism and community involvement within the Twin Cities. Created in 2005, it brings together Full-Time, Part-Time and Executive MBA students with the school’s alumni and faculty to support local causes. C4C’s premier event, and the school’s largest, is the annual Carlson MBA Charity Auction, which benefits a different local charity each year as selected by the student body. 

The consulting club strives to increase student awareness and understanding of the consulting industry and related employment opportunities.

Marketing Network is dedicated to developing successful marketing professionals by providing opportunities that connect students to expertise at the Carlson School and in the broader business community.

The mission of Compass is to engage the Carlson LGBTQIA+ community to encourage all Carlson students to be their authentic selves both as students and as professionals. Compass does this by providing volunteer, educational, professional development, and networking opportunities.

This competition brings together top brand management students, professionals and academics from across the country for a three-day competition highlighting the challenges facing brand managers in today’s competitive marketplace.

The mission of the Energy Club is to provide a forum for exploring all facets of the energy industry, including the various transitions taking place in both new and legacy sectors, with an emphasis on emerging industry trends and their impacts on regional business and employment opportunities.

The Entrepreneurship Club aims to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing programming, professional development, and thought-leadership opportunities through which Carlson MBAs can gain access to entrepreneurial skill-building, resources, and a network. 

Fosters careers and required skills in the corporate finance and financial services fields. In addition, the Finance & Investments Club will help teach certain core financial skills to non-finance career seekers. Lastly, the mission is to stimulate interesting conversations around financial markets and various investing philosophies while also educating the student body about the basic fundamentals of investing so they may better understand their own future investment portfolios.

The mission of the Food and Agriculture Club is to enhance the relationships between Carlson students and companies in the Food and Agriculture sector and serve as a connection point for Carlson students interested in Food and Agriculture to connect with other professional students.

Global Business Student Association is an organization that focuses on providing all graduate MBA students, the resources and knowledge to pursue business opportunities in a global setting. Additionally, it aims to provide a forum to program events that meet the unique needs of international students.

Graduate Volunteer Consultants (GVC) is an organization comprised of University of Minnesota Carlson School MBA & MA-HRIR students who are dedicated to providing free-of-charge business consulting services to non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities.

The Health & Wellness Club is an organization that serves as a resource and an advocate for student mental and physical wellbeing. Our mission is to create a more meaningful learning experience by supporting and encouraging healthy behaviors and balance. The club supports students participating in a rigorous academic course load, by emphasizing a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness in their work and relationships. The club finds ways to serve this mission through partnering with local fitness studios, bringing awareness to different mental health tools that are available at the university and connecting students with resources and communities on and off campus.

The MBA Association (MBAA) seeks to improve the Carlson School experience. The association adds value to the education of MBA students through extracurricular community, corporate, organizational, and student activities. In addition to serving as a liaison between MBA students and the administration, it provides a forum for students to voice concerns about the MBA program.

Graduate Women in Business aims to connect the women of our program via quality programming to enhance their Carlson experience. The formal mission on GWIB is to empower graduate women in business, to propel more women into leadership positions, and to enhance diversity in the workplace.  Learn more.

MILI Student Association is laying the foundation for a new set of global medical industry leaders by developing and promoting a sustainable network of professionals, providing opportunities and exposure to current topics in the industry, and creating avenues for successful transition into this field.

The goal of the Veterans Club is to connect current, former and prospective Carlson School of Management students in order to promote professional advancement, to connect with prospective students, and to overcome common challenges faced by veterans.

Mosaic aims to foster dialogue within the Carlson community around cultural, professional, and academic matters specifically impacting ethnic and racial minorities. Moreover, we seek to translate this dialogue into actionable solutions, thereby empowering future minority business to achieve and perpetuate success within our community.

NET Impact a mission-driven network of over 5,000 leaders that helps members broaden their business education, refine their leadership skills, and pursue meaningful professional goals.

The goal of OAC is to bring students together outside the classroom and introduce them to the great outdoors. OAC organizes camping trips, canoe trips, skiing, snowshoeing, and many other outdoor adventures.

The purpose of this club is to create a community and culture that promotes the inclusion of spouses, significant others, partners, and friends of full time MBA students.

Sports Business Club (SBC) is an organization focused on networking with the various professional and collegiate sports teams in the Twin Cities as well organizing social events revolving around sporting activities.

TAB aims to act as an interface between Carlson student community and the Technology/ Analytics industry. Through events, competitions and workshops the club aims to provide mentorship and guidance for MBA students, enabling them to navigate the complex world of data science and technology and to facilitate knowledge exchange between MBA and MSBA students.

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