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Carlson General Management Program

Accelerate the trajectory of your high potential leaders and prepare them to take on enterprise-wide responsibility. The Carlson General Management Program is a senior-level development program designed to accelerate the pace at which rising leaders can successfully lead the business and lead others.

Program Details

This 6-day program spans across 6 months (April 19-20, May 18, June 6-7, July 13, Sept. 26-27, 2023)
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In Person: Minneapolis, MN

About the Program

The Carlson General Management Program is our flagship program for senior-level leaders who are assuming enterprise-wide responsibilities. In this 6-day program (across 6 months), participants will immerse themselves in far-reaching leadership topics, polish their understanding of business strategy, and acquire the soft skills required to lead in today’s environment of continuous disruption. 

The program utilizes a holistic approach to leadership with a focus on:

  • Leading the Business: Digital transformation and AI, business strategy, financial accountability, and customer centricity
  • Leading and Influencing Others: Leading change, leading peak performance, enterprise/global collaboration, and working with emotional intelligence
  • Leading Self: Inclusive leadership, executive presence, leadership agility, and business ethics for leaders


The program is designed to fit the needs of busy professionals. Participants join their cohort for three immersive modules as well as two live-online sessions alongside faculty and their peers. Surrounded by a close group of colleagues, participants will build relationships and expand their networks as they prepare to lead.

Forming strategic vision, leadership agility, driving results, leading the future


At the end of this prestigious program, participants will have enhanced their capacity to lead by acquiring a well-rounded understanding of business strategy and leadership skills. Course work covers navigating a digital-first world, building sound business strategy, providing financial accountability, creating customer-centric programs, leading change, ethical decision-making, enterprise-level collaboration, as well as leading inclusively, cultivating executive presence, and working with emotional intelligence.

Learn how you can customize this program for your organization.


  • Senior leaders aspiring to enterprise-wide responsibilities
  • Directors
  • Vice Presidents
  • General Managers

Key Benefits

  • Elevate leadership capabilities to drive organizational growth
  • Develop a global, enterprise mindset to lead across complex organizations 
  • Explore vital topics including digital transformation, strategy, and inclusive leadership
  • Connect with other influential leaders and gain valuable insights from other industries and perspectives
  • Apply new knowledge immediately and drive business impact

Participant Perspective

Participants share their experience in the program and explain how their learning has led to growth, for themselves and their teams. 

Faculty Perspective

Prof. Theresa Glomb and Prof. Aks Zaheer discuss the shift in mindset that leaders must undergo as they take on more enterprise responsibilities. 

Michael Fritz
A program like this helps hone our leadership skills —to get us to that next level.
– Michael Fritz, Director of Product Management, Pentair
Aric M.
There are some cutting-edge things that are hitting companies and this [program] was a great way for me to become much more knowledgeable about them.
– Aric Melzl, Brand Executive, Consumer Goods
Lynn Andrews
It's important for me to get away and brush up on skills, talk about current issues, and get refreshed so I can go back to my team and lead change in a way that they can identify with.
– Lynn Andrews, General Manager, American Precision Avionics


Module 1: Forming Strategic Vision
April 19-20, 2023
Digital Transformation AI & Demystifying Data Analytics: Systematically develop organizational capabilities using descriptive, predictive, causal, and prescriptive analytics. Gain an understanding of what digital transformation is and how it impacts business.

Executive Presence: Receive executive-level, strategic coaching to further develop communication abilities. Fine-tune persuasion and influence tactics for both internal and external audiences.

Working with Emotional Intelligence: Consider the business case for emotional intelligence (EQ). Learn the importance of EQ for effective leadership, the difference between IQ and EQ, and plan personal strategies for success.

Business Strategy: Learn to align strategy to changes in the business environment. Discuss the role of company culture in implementing strategic changes.

Leadership Success Circle: Participate in a facilitated session to reflect and share personal leadership successes and challenges. Form connections within the cohort and plan follow-up networking opportunities.
Live Online Session I: Leadership Agility
May 18, 2023
Understand how to lead by example and invest in self-leadership. Create a participative culture and rethink basic assumptions. Develop emotional resilience and a capacity for dialogue in order to build support.
Module 2: Driving Results
June 6-7, 2023
Financial Accountability: Participate in a financial simulation, which mimics running a business for multiple business cycles. Participants will have full decision-making power and will be accountable for business results.

Enterprise/Global Collaboration: Move beyond silos to an enterprise-enhancing mindset. Learn specific actions that build trust and shift mindsets to meet enterprise-level goals.

Business Ethics for Leaders: Managing an ethical organization requires reflection. Apply a decision-making framework to help with ethical analysis.

Executive Panel: Hear from executives as they discuss the path to leadership.
Live Online Session II: Leadership Agility
July 13, 2023
Continue to discover and understand the leadership agility compass and learn what it takes to be an agile leader.
Module 3: Leading the Future
Sept. 26-27, 2023
Customer Centricity: Examine the key elements of customer-centricity through the lens of organizational exemplars in the battle for customers’ hearts.

Leading Change: Learn how to plan for, lead, and manage a successful change effort. The session will utilize interactive class discussions and a change simulation.

Leading Peak Performance: Learn tactics for fostering a supportive, productive environment for teams and self.

Inclusive Leadership: Get the most out of diverse teams through self-exploration and drawing connections to others. Examine bias as well as power and privilege in the workplace. Take away concrete communication tools to create inclusive teams and workplaces.


Ravi Bapna
Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Business Analytics and Information Systems; Academic Director, Carlson Analytics Lab

Professor Ravi Bapna's expertise lies in helping companies reframe their understanding of analytics, AI, and machine learning, and then leverage that understanding for competitive advantage.

Louellen Essex
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Louellen Essex focuses on training and organizational development, leadership, communication, team building, and conflict resolution. She holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota where she studied leadership, psychology, and communication.

Theresa Glomb
Professor, The Toro Company-David M. Lilly Chair in Organizational Behavior

Theresa M. Glomb is the Toro Company-David M. Lilly Chair in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. She received her PhD and AM in Social, Organizational, and Individual Differences Psychology from the University of Illinois in 1998 and her BA in Psychology from DePaul University in 1993.

Miquel Lladó
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Miquel Lladó is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Strategic Management at IESE Business School, University of Navarra. He holds an Advanced Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona.

Helen Moser
Senior Lecturer, Finance
Helen has served in multiple finance roles including CFO, chief credit officer, commercial lender, controller, and commercial credit analyst. She began teaching undergraduate courses in the evenings while working in the banking industry.
Hari Nair
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Hari Nair is Vice President, Corporate R&D, Fabric & Home Care Learning Lab at Procter & Gamble. He is also a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Abdul Omari
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Dr. Abdul M. Omari is the founder of AMO Enterprise, which focuses on leadership development and the inseparable ties to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Rand Park
Senior Lecturer, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Rand Park is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. Prior to his faculty appointment at the Carlson School in Fall 2013, he was the Vice President of Development for the Minnesota Private College Council.

Amy Tolbert
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Amy S. Tolbert, PhD, CSP develops multicultural organizations and individuals by bringing you cutting-edge topics, such as multicultural and diversity initiatives, leadership competency development, managing to style, and creating breakthrough teams.

Connie Wanberg
Professor and Industrial Relations Faculty Excellence Chair

Connie Wanberg teaches classes involving human resources management, leadership, industrial/organizational psychology, and organizational behavior. In her role as a researcher, she is internationally known for her work on unemployment, job search, and careers.

Aks Zaheer
Professor, Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Strategic Management

Aks Zaheer is Professor and Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He earned his PhD in Strategic Management from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, India, and his undergraduate degree in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi.

Mary Zellmer-Bruhn
Professor, Organizational Behavior; Chair, Department of Work and Organizations
Dr. Zellmer-Bruhn is a Professor of Organizational Behavior and Chair of the Work and Organizations Department of the Carlson School of Management.

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This 6-day program spans across 6 months (April 19-20, May 18, June 6-7, July 13, Sept. 26-27, 2023)
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This 6-day program spans across 6 months (April 19-20, May 18, June 6-7, July 13, Sept. 26-27, 2023)
Register by Credit Card Register by Invoice