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Discover a world of opportunities for your business career with the Carlson School's Online MBA program. Whether you seek career advancement or want to explore new avenues, we are here to support your journey toward success. Embrace the possibilities and transform your future with our comprehensive and flexible Online MBA program.

  • 85% of graduates earned a promotion or switched roles/industries/companies within 4 months of graduation
  • 69% changed level or were promoted since starting the program
  • 25+ professional workshops held each year

Class of 2022 Secures Higher Salaries and Promotions

In 2022, the working professional MBA (Online MBA and Part-Time MBA) class experienced a remarkable 13% increase in their base salary, reaching an impressive $128,249. Additionally, over one-third of the graduates celebrated receiving well-deserved promotions, making it a truly successful year for our talented professionals.

Carlson Business Career Center Resources

The possibilities for your career in business are vast. The Carlson Business Career Center (CBCC) has close ties with hundreds of companies that recruit students like you. So whether you’d like to join a corporation, work for a non-profit, start your own business, or pursue an opportunity of your own creation, we’re behind you.

With four full-time career coaches and 20 specialized coaches from a variety of industries, the CBCC can help you launch the next phase of your career—wherever and whatever that might be. Whether you are looking to shift sectors, climb the ladder at your current employer, or completely reinvent yourself, the CBCC can help you find and reach what’s next.

Student Career Resources

  • Career counseling
  • Career tests
  • Mock interviews
  • Job search tools
  • Networking events
  • Resume reviews
  • Career fairs
  • Negotiation strategies
Student at cafe
There were a few classes in particular where I felt like I could directly apply lessons. And that was noticeable in how I felt about my career... I gained confidence.
– Ben Spaniol, '18 MBA
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Connect to a Thriving Business Community

  • The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is home to 15 Fortune 500 companies
  • Minnesota is one of the nation’s leading financial centers, offering banking, insurance, securities, and investment services from some of the most stable and trusted institutions in the country
  • A healthcare industry hub, Minnesota is home to thousands of healthcare organizations and more than 500 FDA-approved medical technology manufacturers
  • The clean energy landscape is proliferating in Minnesota: the number of clean energy businesses has increased 122% since 2000
  • The Carlson network can be found in corporations of all sizes, non-profits, and entrepreneurial business communities

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