Analytics Maturity Model

A Game Plan for Analytics Growth

You’ve read the headlines: Data is the New Oil. Analytics Provide an Edge. Information is a Firm’s Most Valuable Asset. But building a truly data-driven organization is complex. How should you assess the status quo? How does your company compare to others? What are the benchmarks and milestones that matter? 

Progress Starts with the Carlson Analytics Maturity Model

An organization’s ability to use data analytics in meaningful ways depends on multiple, interrelated factors. Strategic vision, team talent, infrastructure, and work processes all contribute. The Carlson Analytics Maturity Model (CAMM) is a framework for assessing these capabilities — and the organization’s overall maturity when it comes to using data as a business asset.

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An external perspective that can help you get past organizational politics and opinions.

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Developed at a top research university known for pioneering work in information systems, decision sciences, and analytics.

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Holistic approach ensures assessment of the many factors that impact analytics capabilities.

Based on scholarly research from the University of Minnesota and beyond, the Carlson Analytics Maturity Model provides organizations with an unbiased evaluation of their analytics capabilities. The model’s scores can help IT, IS, and analytics leaders to identify needed improvements, determine priorities, and target investments strategically.


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