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At the Carlson School, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for women in business for our undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni through various programming, clubs, events, opportunities, and more. We continue to improve the experience for women through three pillars: Access, Empowerment, and Progression.



Getting more women into business education is a top priority for the Carlson School. Programs such as the Business Innovation Academy for undergraduate students and Camp Emerge for graduate students open doors for women to get a world-class business education. We also provide scholarship opportunities exclusively for women.

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Throughout each of the various stages of a woman's career, the Carlson School has programming, mentorship, and networking opportunities so you can build your career no matter where it takes you.


As a result of the talented faculty at the Carlson School, academic research around women and workplace issues has been a top priority.

Scholarships, Academic Awards, and Fellowships

Between funding from the Dean of the Carlson School and generous support from the community, merit-based scholarship opportunities are available for Full-Time and Management Science MBA students.

Other scholarship opportunities:

  • Arlene Carlson 
  • Carlson Family Foundation MBA Fellowship 
  • Chris and Amy Koch MBA Scholarship 
  • Forté Fellowship
  • James and Lisa White MBA Fellowship 
  • Judith and Richard Corson MBA Fellowship 
  • Laura Moret MBA Fellowship 
  • Marcia Page Fellowship 
  • Mary Pat Blake MBA Fellowship 
  • Rae Carter and Lowell Schwab MBA Fellowship 
  • Roberta Petrick Scholarship 
  • Thia Breen MBA Fellowship

The Carlson School of Management is committed to offering a transformative learning experience for our students. In addition to its comprehensive curriculum and world-class faculty, the Carlson School offers a number of scholarships specifically designed to support students in their academic and professional journeys.

  • Blake Foundation Scholarship
  • Doris McNamara Fellowship Endowment for Women
  • Margaret J. Holden Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Phi Delta Freshman Scholarship
  • Phi Delta Scholarship Fund

The Women’s Center invites nominations for the following awards, scholarships, and grants which honor and support University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students.

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Women-focused clubs at the Carlson School

Note that students of any background or identity are able to attend and may be eligible to receive funding for these conferences.

Carlson Women Connect

Women in Business (WIB)

Women in Business is an undergraduate student organization that is dedicated to bringing together business professionals and students of all majors and all backgrounds to network and learn about important topics within the business. Women in Business hosts:

  • speaker meetings twice a month
  • volunteer and social events monthly
  • two signature networking events per year.

Women in Business is for the student who wishes to grow personally and professionally while connecting and uplifting all women. WIB also partners with various businesses that support undergraduate students, give back to the Twin Cities community, and contribute to the success of its future leaders.

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Graduate Women in Business (GWIB)

The Carlson School's Full-Time MBA Graduate Women in Business Club empowers women in business, promoting leadership diversity. Engage in Learning Lunches, Real Talks, and Men as Allies to discuss industry challenges, feedback, well-being, and parenting.

Join a community fostering strong women leaders through networking and personal development events within and beyond Carlson. Empower shared experiences for impactful action.

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Carlson Women’s Global Connect

The Carlson Women Global Connect alumni affinity network at the Carlson School seeks to foster a culture of lifelong engagement and build a community of alumni dedicated to helping one another succeed.

The network provides opportunities for alumni to network, engage in lifelong learning, connect with current students, and advance their careers, all while supporting one another.

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Carlson Women’s Network (CWN)

The Carlson Women’s Network (CWN) in the Part-Time MBA Program aims to provide meaningful relationships to support the personal and professional advancement of Part-Time MBA women.

The Carlson School hosts a variety of events each year that allow us to connect with each other, Full-Time MBA students, Online MBA students, undergraduate students, prospective students, and alumni. Our annual event, Women, Wine, and Wisdom, is the second largest women’s event at the Carlson School, and has sold out more than 100 seats to high-achieving women in the Twin Cities.

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Four alum post together at the Carlson Women Connect event in Minneapolis.

Online MBA Women

There are various events and networking opportunities for Online MBA women at the Carlson School. Student Affairs hosts a Women’s Affinity Networking Night to connect with prospective students, current students (Online, Part-Time, and Full-Time), and alumni.

There are also various other networking opportunities and events. Other organizations also host women-specific events to highlight women working in various industries.

Programming & Events


Headshot of Catherine Campbell

I enrolled at Carlson to expand my knowledge of core business functions, like Marketing and Finance. After completing the PTMBA program, I was not only able to understand and increase my business acumen, but I also grew in my leadership and team building skills, which have helped me prepare for a future management role.

Catie Campbell, Class of 2021

My background is in HR. Throughout my career, I've worked in several different industries, but I found my passion in food tech after working at Grubhub for almost 4 years. Currently, I am the Director, HR for a start-up called Tovala. I live in Chicago and in my free time, I enjoy spending time by the lake and trying new restaurants.

Lindsay Johansen

Plai Kong is a passionate finance strategist who helps hospitals optimize their financial operations by increasing revenue and reducing costs. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son in her spare time. She also loves being outdoors and enjoying nature.

Plai Kong, Class of 2021

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