Juran Research Center Grants

National Science Foundation Grants

The Juran Research Center's quality research agenda was established in 1993 by a task force of local business leaders and faculty members. The center held a quality "seed funding" competition for faculty at the University of Minnesota that coincided with the creation of the National Science Foundation's Transformation to Quality Organizations (NSF-TQO) program. A review panel of faculty members and business partners read proposals and made funding decisions based on a set of criteria similar to those of the NSF-TQO program. Proposals had to involve interdisciplinary research teams to foster collaboration, and must have the support and involvement of business in order to ensure that the research addressed a "real-world" problem. 

Of the 18 projects eventually submitted to the NSF-TQO program from the Carlson School, half were accepted for further review, much better than the 17% nationwide average. Many of those proposals that received seed funds were developed and submitted to the NSF in subsequent years.

NSF Grant Recipients

Professors Roger Schroeder and Barbara Flynn
Relationship Among Manufacturing Performance Criteria, 1995-1999

Professors Roger Schroeder and Barbara Flynn
Fast Product Innovation and Product Quality: Strategic Alliance or Tradeoff?, 1995-1999

Professors Roger Schroeder, John Mauriel and Karen Seashore
TQM in Education: Changing the Culture of Schools, 1997-2000

Professors Roger Schroeder, John Mauriel and Karen Seashore
The Interrelationship of State-Mandated Accountability Standards, Organizational Learning and Continuous Improvement in U.S. High Schools, 2000-2004

Professors Roger Schroeder, Kevin Linderman and Sri Zaheer
Knowledge Creation and Diffusion in Organizations Using the Six Sigma Approach, 2000-2004

Professors Sandra Potthoff, Robert Kane and John Anderson
A Theory of Performance Improvement Within Long-Term Care Organizations

Professors Art Hill, David Johnson, Richard Swanson and George John
An Examination of the Impact of Service Guarantee Strength on Service Quality and Firm Performance

Professors Lester Wanninger, Mani Subramani, Carl Adams, 
George John and Daniel Wackman

The Role of Customer Relationships in Electronic Commerce