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Ten years ago, in the pages of this alumni magazine, I wrote my first “From the Dean” letter. The topic, consistent with the theme of that issue, was healthcare. But, at the very end, I acknowledged my new status as the 12th dean of the Carlson School and said, “[This] is a very special place. These are very special times. And I am excited, proud, and deeply appreciative of the opportunity to assume the duties of the dean.”

Today, those words ring more true than ever. While the times aren’t exactly what I envisioned—thank you, worldwide pandemic—it’s become clearer to me just how special this place is. There is no other place like the Carlson School. The
community that exists here, from faculty to staff, current students to alumni, donors to friends, not to mention the businesses, the sports and the arts around us, is simply unmatched. Put simply, it’s home. And my husband, Aks, and children, Freya and Sage, are forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of this school and this community.

As I prepare to return to the faculty, many people have asked me what things I will miss most about being dean. I didn’t have to think long for an answer: engaging with our alumni. As a faculty member, you don’t get many opportunities to go out and engage with alumni where they are. As dean, you do. From New York City to Seattle and San Francisco, from London to Vienna to Shanghai, it has been an absolute joy to meet, greet, and learn from our alumni.

What always struck me is the diversity of roles, responsibilities, industries, and experiences that exist among our alumni community. Running one of the largest library systems in the United States. Leading football teams to world championships.
Starting groundbreaking polling companies. Revolutionizing healthcare. Starting a side hustle that matches passion with purpose. The list goes on.

A force now 60,000 strong, living and working in more than 100 countries across the globe, you are using your education to ensure business is a force for good. The widespread belief in that motto is what I am most proud of. Our community has collectively embraced that phrase and is committed to acting on it. New students are coming to the Carlson School because they share this belief and trust us to empower them with the skills and resources to equip them to be the change they want to see in the world. I’m confident that in the years to come, these actions will only grow, along with the impact each of you make in your communities.

The last line in my 2010 letter read, “Our alumni are among the many enviable strengths of our school and I look forward to working together to establish the Carlson School as a crucible for ideas and innovation that will shape the future of business worldwide.”

Thank you, to each of you, for all you have done and will do, not only for the school but for the world.

Warmest regards,

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Sri Zaheer

Dean, Carlson School of Management

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