Marketing Academic Programs

Undergraduate Marketing Major and Minor

The Carlson School's undergraduate program offers an intensive course of study that leads to the Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degree. Students may work toward a major or a minor in Marketing, which examines the flow of goods and services through the economy and the distribution of industrial and consumer goods. Job opportunities in marketing include marketing research, advertising, manufacturing sales, wholesale sales, retail sales, retailing buying, and many others.

Master of Marketing 

The top-ranked Master of Marketing is an in-depth and fast-paced program taught by top-ranked professors. Students gain in-depth knowledge of marketing, both academically and from a practical perspective. They explore everything from management to analytics and strategy. And through our Brand Enterprise program, they work with real-world companies on a semester-long marketing challenge. 

MBA Program - Specialization

An MBA with a specialization in marketing provides students with critical, detail-oriented thinking, with strong analytical skills. Marketing emphasizes creativity, but the ability to analyze and interpret data is equally important. Organizational skills are critical for complex projects. Strong oral and written communication skills are also desirable.

PhD Program

A PhD in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing allows students to focus on the economic and social processes that lead to exchanges between buyers and sellers, as well as with the complex issues of the transportation system, logistics trade-offs within a firm, and inter-firm channels of distribution.