PhD Concentrations Work & Organizations

The internationally recognized department of Work and Organizations offers a rigorous program of doctoral studies with a multidisciplinary focus in organizational behavior, human resource management, organizational economics, personnel economics, labor relations, and related areas. Students gain a rigorous, multidisciplinary understanding of research questions, theories, empirical methodologies and analytic approaches across the breadth of the concentration, while pursuing in-depth and focused research within particular domains based on faculty expertise and student interest. Faculty are committed to providing a rich educational experience that maximizes faculty-student mentorships and collaboration. In addition, students have access to an outstanding research infrastructure in the Carlson School including behavioral laboratories, an expansive subject pool within the school, an on-site field-specific library, and exposure to a number of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters located in the Twin Cities area.

2023-2024 Work & Organizations PhD Program Information Sessions! 

August 28, from 8:30 - 10:00 am CST

October 27, from 8:30 - 10:00 am CST


Ellie Stillwell

Alumni Perspective

"I truly enjoyed my years in pursuit of my PhD in the Work & Organizations Department at the Carlson School. Through close working relationships with supportive mentoring faculty, I was able to engage deeply with research in my interest areas and develop expertise across a variety of perspectives, including the core OB/HR and Labor Economics pillars of the department. The perspectives, skills, and training gained during my years in WORG have prepared me to begin my career in the management sciences ready to engage in and contribute to the “big conversations” at this pivotal moment in time around organizations’ (mis)management of the on-going pandemic and return to work, as well as the growing conversations highlighting the importance of employees’ mental health and well-being within and outside of the organizations in which they work. I was especially thankful for the warm and collegial culture the department lived and breathed through its amazing faculty, staff, and students. The faculty in WORG are experts in their fields and deeply committed to their students’ success. Not only are they more than willing to set aside time to listen to a question, provide feedback on a proposal, or to help develop an idea, but they are just as happy to set aside time to really celebrate the wins and engage with students on that human level. The students have embraced this environment to create a truly remarkable culture of mutual support. I will cherish my time in WORG and the relationships built there for the rest of my career."

Elizabeth (Ellie) Stillwell

PhD' 21

Work & Organizations

Placement: Northeastern University (Visiting AP, 2021-22), London School of Economics (AP, incoming 2022)