Global Matters Video Series

Below is a sampling of the videos in the series. You can view the entire collection and subscribe to our playlist on YouTube to receive notices when new content is posted.

Gurneeta Vasudeva Singh: Sharing of Knowledge

Gurneeta Vasudeva Singh, Associate Professor at the Carlson School of Management's Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship program, discussed how geographic location can influence the sharing of knowledge.

Erin Meyer: Retaining Authenticity Working in Foreign Countries

Erin Meyer, professor at INSEAD and author of The Culture Map, explains how global leaders retain authenticity when adapting to the country they're working with.

Pankaj Ghemawat: Understanding Globalization

Professor Pankaj Ghemawat, director of the Center for the Globalization of Education and Management at the Stern School of Business, discusses how having a better understanding of true degree of globalization can guide corporate strategy as a part of the Global Matters Speaker Series.

Shaima Al Zarooni: Humanitarian Aid

Shaima Al Zarooni discussed how to better integrate the public and private sectors into the humanitarian aid process.

Erin Meyer: Working Across Cultures

Erin Meyer, professor at INSEAD and author of The Culture Map, discusses why we need a map to navigate working across various cultures.

Congressman Tom Emmer: Lifting the Cuban Trade Embargo

Congressman Tom Emmer discusses why it's important for the U.S. to lift its trade embargo against Cuba.

Sean Walker: Strategy in Emerging Markets

Sean Walker, SVP President of General Mills Latin America Region, discusses how companies balance strategy and execution in emerging markets.