Carlson Student meeting with employer at Career Week event

Employment Reports

Leading organizations recruit interns and graduating students from the Carlson School. That's because they know our rigorous programs foster leadership, innovation, and a global mindset in our graduates. In other words, our students are well prepared to tackle the business challenges of tomorrow. 


Graduate outcomes and top employers by program

Our employment report showcases the salaries and career trends of our most recent graduating class. 

These reports conform to the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance Standards for Reporting MBA and Specialty Masters Employment Statistics. For more information, please visit MBA CSEA

Commitment to Inclusive Recruiting

We are committed to helping all Carlson students feel welcomed and supported in the recruiting and job search process by our staff and employers. We launched the Carlson Inclusive Employers Program to support this commitment. In the program's inaugural year, we worked with 40 recruiting partners to ensure their recruiting and onboarding processes are inclusive and equitable for all Carlson School students.

Recruit Carlson School Students

The Carlson Business Development team will assist you in planning virtual and in-person events to engage with Carlson School undergraduate and graduate students.